When I think “internship,” some things that come to mind are mazes of cubicles, people in suits, and hulking office buildings. I definitely don’t think of the Oscar Mayer Hotdogger, but it’s recently been brought to my attention that, well, maybe I should.

If you, like myself only days ago, have no idea what the Oscar Mayer Hotdogger is, prepare to be astounded. Also referred to as the Weinermobile, the Hotdogger is an enormous mobile hotdog – 27 feet long, 11 feet tall, and complete with what seems to be a bun underneath. America truly never ceases to amaze me.

The Job (With a Side of Relish)

Not only does this majestic hotdog vehicle simply exist, but recent college grads across the country can also drive this baby for 12 straight months if they’re able to score a position as a Weinermobile intern. Hotdogger interns even receive a stipend for their dedicated hotdog driving at the end of it all.

If your world has not been thoroughly rocked already, hold on to your seat, because it truly gets better. Not only do interns get to drive a giant hotdog and get paid for it, but they also get to travel the country. The Hotdogger is not limited to one city or state, oh no — America’s favorite tubular meat vehicle travels across the country, wowing spectators from New York City to Los Angeles. 

So interns get paid, get to travel and earn themselves a resume builder… Oh, and they even get their own very special Oscar Mayer Hotdogger name. Two previous Hotdogger interns were named Relish Ray and Spicy Mayo Mayra, to give you an idea of the glorious naming scheme. 

If you're curious as to what a day in the life is like for a Hotdogger drivers, interns probably named Mustard Maddie and Jalapeño Jackie are gleefully weaving through New York City pedestrians and fellow drivers as they try to suppress their grins, soon to succumb to taking several photos of the giant wiener on wheels.

They eat hotdogs, as if there was anything else they wanted to eat, and they debate over whether or not a hotdog is a meal or a snack. Mustard Maddie imparts her wisdom, dubbing the meat tube a meal.

The real debate, apparently, is not whether America’s favorite meat creation is a meal or a snack – the question at the center of it all is whether or not the hotdog qualifies as a sandwich. 

Such an existential question requires much thought and is highly debated subject, but Mustard Maddie quietly shares that the hotdog – in her humble Hotdogger opinion – is not a sandwich. The hotdog is rightly in a category of its own. 

You Can Be a Roaming Hotdog Expert, Too

If you’re beaming with hotdog-inspired joy and you can’t imagine going another day without trying to become a Hotdogger intern, click here to make your meaty dreams come true. You could become the next Chili Cheese Cindy to navigate the legendary Oscar Mayer Weinermobile. Good luck!