Whether you’re a die-hard fan of the Bertie Bott’s beans or you prefer the classic flavors, I know you love Jelly Belly Jelly Beans like a fish loves water. I can’t say that I blame you. I have many a fond memory of hilarious BeanBoozled games with friends, and I swear a Bertie Bott’s grass-flavored bean is still stuck to my back molars.

After some hard research and thoughtful consideration, I’ve deduced which flavor Jelly Belly Jelly Bean you likely are based on what you do when you’re bored. I’ve included 15 of the most popular original flavors in this list, simply because I’m only one person and there are (thankfully) dozens of yummy flavors of jelly beans.

If You Scour CNN for the Latest in Politics: Blueberry

berry, pasture, blueberry, sweet, bilberry, blackberry
Jocelyn Hsu

Jelly Belly’s iconic blueberry flavor was created in honor of Ronald Regan’s inauguration, so it’s no surprise that you take to news sites like CNN or the New York Times when you’re bored. Odds are, you have a knack for politics and are interested in hearing the latest in legislation.

If You Just Netflix and Chill: Buttered Popcorn

popcorn, corn, cereal, kettle corn, sweet, salt, butter, rice
Sara Carte

When you’re bored, you know Netflix has your back. Whether you’re re-watching ‘Stranger Things’ with your significant other or are binge watching solo, you’re a buttered popcorn Jelly Belly all the way. After all, what’s a movie night without popcorn?

If You Prefer Making Sweet, Sweet Love: Very Cherry

cherry, sweet, berry, sweet cherry, juice
Jocelyn Hsu

As Jelly Belly’s second most popular flavor, you love to squeeze in extra sexy time whenever you get the chance. If your booty call doesn’t pick up, pop a few Very Cherry Jelly Bellies in your mouth—it’s the best you can do at this point.

If You're Always Dying Your Own Hair: Lemon Drop

lemon, juice, citrus, citron, sweet, lemonade, lime
Sarah Silbiger

Find yourself constantly highlighting or dying your hair at home? I feel you. Lemon Drops are always game to try out new hairstyles and get easily bored with a look after a week or two.

If You Like to Bake: Chocolate Pudding

chocolate, milk, cream, sweet, candy, pudding, coffee, chocolate mousse, mousse, milk chocolate
Katherine Baker

Chocolate Pudding personalities love baking in their free time. Whether it’s brownies, pies, or something more adventurous, you can’t stand to sit still when you could be whipping up a new batch of goodies.

If You Take a Few Shots of Fireball: Cinnamon

I get it, studying can be dirt boring. Sometimes a shot or two of Fireball is all it takes to loosen you up and make that history assignment more interesting. While I don’t condone drinking irresponsibly, I do understand that sometimes you’ve just got to let loose.

If You Troll the Facebook Pages of People You Knew in High School: Licorice 

Don’t think I don’t know how often you do this. You’re the type of person who likes to look through the Facebook pages of people you sorta kinda not really knew in high school just to see who’s gotten married, had kids, or has gone totally off the rails. It’s only fitting that you’re licorice, otherwise known as the flavor no one actually likes having in their bag of Jelly Bellies.

If You Take Naps Naked: Top Banana

sweet, candy, dairy product
Jenny Georgieva

We all have those moments when we’re too tired and bored to really do anything. Watching a movie would mean you’d have to choose a movie to begin with, and reading requires too much brainpower. You’re the type of person who likes to peel off their clothing after a long day of classes and just power nap in your birthday suit. You do you, kid.

If You're Constantly Hosting Potlucks: Toasted Marshmallow

chocolate, hot chocolate, coffee, cream, milk, espresso, cake, cappuccino, mocha, sweet
Sarah Wu

You’re the type of person who loves being around others. When you’re bored, you can’t help but think about who to invite for your Sunday brunch and the best way to display your DIY waffle bar. Much like toasting marshmallows over a campfire brings people together, you make sure your friends get together at least once a week.

If You Love Making Plans for Your Next Break: Mango

sweet, milk
Alex Weiner

In between classes, you often find yourself daydreaming about all the exotic vacations you could take over your next semester break. While you likely can’t afford to go anywhere too far away, you still dream of sampling the local fruits on an island somewhere in the Caribbean.

If You Always FaceTime with Your BFFs: Bubble Gum

You’re a chatty Cathy at heart and you simply can’t stand a moment of silence, much less being bored by silence. If you find yourself with nothing to do, you usually pick up your phone and FaceTime with your friends. Or your mom. Or your cat. Really anyone who will listen to you.

If You're Constantly Studying: Cappuccino

coffee, cappuccino, espresso, milk, mocha
Amy Cho

I’m sorry, did you say “boredom?” What’s that? To be bored means you have the time to do something somewhat fun to alleviate said boredom, which you definitely can’t fit into your busy schedule. Between studying for finals, juggling your extracurriculars, and just generally trying not to implode, you don’t have time to be bored, much less do anything about it. You’re a true cappuccino at heart, for better or for worse.

If You Love Hitting the Gym: Green Apple

apple, juice, pasture
Kristine Mahan

You’re likely the most health-conscious of your friends and you find genuine pleasure in eating well and sculpting your body at the gym. You’re always up for a challenge and can’t stand eating anything too sweet. If you’re not Green Apple, then I don’t know what you are.

If You Enjoy Sun Bathing: Coconut

coconut, apple, water
Celeste Ferre

No matter what the temperature is, you can be found lying in a patch of sunlight. Because I know you’re aware of how damaging sun bathing is (cough cough), you always smell like your coconut-scented sunscreen.

If You Prefer Reading a Book: French Vanilla

coffee, beer, espresso, wine, pepper
Kirsten Andersen

You, my friend, are about as vanilla as they come. You plow through novels faster than you can go to the library to check out another one. While some people may mistake you for being “boring,” you’re really just saving your face-to-face interactions with someone who can actually keep up with your witty banter. How Elizabeth Bennet of you.