The best way to captivate our attention is through aesthetically-pleasing design and solid food photography, which is what you can see in the 2016 Food Trends Report released by Google last May. Besides just admiring the layout, it's interesting to understand the movements in food and nutrition within society, and I fully applaud Google in executing it in such a beautiful manner. If you scroll all the way to the bottom, you will come to the top searches from the past year, starting with recipes. The winner of Google's Most Searched Recipes: Waffle Recipes.

You may have recently heard that pumpkin seed recipes are among the most popular, but keep in mind these are Google's Most Searched Recipes of 2015. Additionally, pumpkin seeds should be categorized as seasonal risers, as they show a sharp peak every October, but a flat line every other month. Seriously, check this out for yourself

Waffles on the other hand, show a steadier growth and peak more often rather than in a specific period. Obviously, waffles are Belgium's greatest gift to the world and can be enjoyed any time of day and for any occasion. We can't argue with the statistics, but we can't help wonder why waffles are at the top of Google's most searched recipes. 

The World's Favourite: The Belgian Waffle 

Within the waffle trend, it is the Belgian waffle recipe that is the most searched. Belgian waffles became known to America back in the 1960s when Maurice Vermersch sold them at the World's Fair in New York. Originally, they were called Brussels Waffles, but he changed the name because he thought that no American would know where and what Brussels is. The special recipe used by Maurice, among many other Belgian food vendors today, is what makes the Belgian waffles so famous.

I'm also confident in advocating for the fact that the preference for 'authentic' over any form of replication will always stand. People love to Instagram their pizza and pasta when they get it in Italy, their paellas when they eat it in Spain, and the same goes for fries, beer, and waffles when eaten in Belgium. I'm just as guilty when I travel, because visiting other countries are generally special occurrences in our lives, so trying the authentic cuisine in its place of birth is something to be truly valued.

Why Are Waffle Recipes the Top Trending Overall?

waffle, sweet, cake, chocolate, pastry, cookie
Judith Gilles

Besides the Belgian waffle, people want to know more about the best waffle recipes, waffle maker recipes, and easy waffle recipes. To me this indicates that people are looking for fast and convenient food that's also fool-proof, much like making a waffle. Now with the waffle-maker, the effort of turning any type of food into a waffle or waffle-hybrid becomes non-existent.

It's easy to see why the ease and versatility that comes with making waffles can be very appealing, especially for those who are constantly on the go, or college students who lack proper cooking amenities in their dorms. If you happen to be a proud owner of the waffle maker, then look no further at these 15 ways to make waffles, or at least foods in the shape of a waffle, because everything tastes better that way, right? Right.

1. Nutella-Stuffed Waffles 

chocolate, cream, syrup, pastry, sweet, cake, waffle
May Sullivan

The only thing to make a classic waffle recipe better is with the addition of chocolate.  

2. Vegan Waffles

waffle, syrup, french toast, maple syrup
Danielle Cahoon

Because this recipe knows that we shouldn't have to sacrifice anything for our dietary needs.  

3. Banana Cream Waffles

chocolate, cream, syrup, dairy product, sweet, cake, banana, pastry
Cherese Shelton

Once you've mastered your vegan waffle game, you can start upgrading with this recipe

4. Cake Batter Funfetti Waffles 

waffle, butter
Hui Lin

Adding cake batter funfetti to your waffles just makes it that much more fitting for a birthday brunch.  

5. Beer Battered Waffle

Spoon University

If for any reason you have sudden meat cravings upon waking up, these beer battered waffles will satisfy you.  

6. Pumpkin Spice Waffles

waffle, syrup
Meredith Ross

The pumpkin spice waffles bring on classic fall flavours we all love with a bit of twist (hint: it's in the syrup). 

7. Carrot Cake Waffles 

waffle, sweet, cream, dairy product
Kristine Mahan

The beauty of these carrot-cake waffles is that they're a fall-friendly recipe that's not only vegan but also gluten-free. You won't even taste the difference. 

8. Churro Waffle

chocolate, cream, cookie, sweet, waffle, cake
Phoebe Melnick

All the goodness of a churro in a waffle. What more could we want? 

9. Prosecco Waffles

waffle, poutine, bacon, syrup, ice, peanut
Becca Miller

Bringing boozy brunch to the next level with these prosecco waffles

10. Puff Pastry Waffle 

pie, pastry
Jaye Lind

They call this 'the puffle.' 

11. Chicken and Waffle Cookies

cinnamon, bacon, butter
Spoon University

Everything looks cuter in cookie form, just like these chicken and waffle cookies.

12. Spicy Quesadilla Waffle 

cheese, tomato, pizza, sauce, vegetable, chicken quesadilla, meat, bread, huevos rancheros
Maddie Cole

Making quesadilla in a waffle iron solves all of your problems as a college student. If you haven't been doing this yet, you're going to want to now. 

13. Waffle Breakfast Sushi

pastry, sweet, cream, cake, pie, jam
Cassandra Bauer

Don't feel restricted by the name. Waffle sushi can be acceptable for lunch, dinner, or an any-time-of-day dessert. 

14. Waffle Pizza

cream, dairy product
Phoebe Melnick

After putting churros, quesadillas, and sushi in a waffle maker, a waffle pizza only seems logical. 

15. Belgian Waffle

waffle, cinnamon, pastry, sweet, cinnamon roll, pie
Luna Zhang

There is no way this post was going to end without providing you with what is probably the most important recipe of them all, the OG Belgian waffle. Despite the extensive list of pretty out-of-the-box varieties of waffle making, there is nothing better than having it in the plainest form. 

The first time I tasted a Belgian waffle, it had no toppings or add-ons, and to this day I still consider it the best waffle I've ever had. There is no source on the internet that can truly explain why they're so popular, and while I partly blame it on the rise of food photography and social media, it was only in the moment I tasted it for myself that it all became clear. I'm sure that once you do the same, you'll understand it too.