Starbucks has been on its A-game recently. The new Cookie Butter Bar is literally an orgasm in a baked good, and they just released avocado spread for all the basic bitches. Even more exciting, in my opinion, is the release of the new Starbucks Peanut Butter Cup Cookie.

I love peanut butter – I currently have four jars of the stuff in my dorm, and I probably have a spoonful at least twice a day. I also (singlehandedly) purchased all of the Reese's Eggs from my campus grocery store—so I know a thing or two about peanut butter cups. 

As a PB expert, I have been anxiously awaiting the release of Starbuck's Peanut Butter Cup Cookie. Here's what I thought:

Breaking Down the Cookie:

These cookies weigh in at 360 calories, making them a hefty snack. It makes sense that these cookies are a bit more nutritionally dense than other Starbucks cookies (Snickerdoodle, Oatmeal Raisin, and Chocolate Chip) because they are made with peanuts. Peanuts are obviously higher in calories because they are fats (but fats are good people!).

Now to the cookie itself: it's basically a peanut butter cookie with a peanut butter cup inside. Like what. Honestly, nothing sounds better than that. So, I strolled into Starbucks on my coffee run with the highest of expectations.

The Moment of Truth: 

This cookie is amazing. When I opened the bag, I began drooling because of its intense peanut aroma. I was sold from the first bite. 

The outer ring of the cookie is pure peanut flavor, and the inner circle with the fork marks is the peanut butter cup. If you are like me and live for PB cups, I would recommend eating the outer ring first and then save the middle for last.

The peanut butter cup cookie is more peanut flavored than chocolate, but I'm not complaining. I would definitely order the cookie warmed up because 1) it's a thick cookie and 2) the peanut butter cup will be melted. 

This cookie may not be the most photogenic dessert to hit your Insta, but it certainly is the yummiest. The next time you go to Starbucks, definitely order this cookie (in my case, that will be right now, as I finish this sentence).