Like many of my fellow basic b*tches, I frequent my local Starbucks more often than I frequent my local gym (oops). But unlike many of the caffeine chasing customers, I prefer the sweet treats and savory sandwiches to the Mocha Frappuccinos and the iced lattes. Lucky for me, Starbucks has really been stepping up their snack game lately, introducing Sous Egg Bites and a gluten-free breakfast sandwich. Despite all of this egg-celent news (sorry I had to), the addition to the menu that has me most excited is the Cookie Butter Bar.

What the heck is a Cookie Butter Bar?

The Starbucks website says this bar will be perfect for "cookie purists" (side note: this is the best title to ever exist for cookie lovers) and consists of a "crunchy crust" made of Speculoos cookies and topped with cookie butter and vanilla icing. If you've never had the pleasure of nibbling on a Speculoos cookie, picture a simple brown cookie that embodies the joy of gingerbread and caramel flavors.  

The Word on the Street

The Cookie Butter Bar first got my attention when my fellow Starbucks lovers (insert bad Taylor Swift impression here) started freaking out on Twitter. 

The only logical thing to do was try the bar out for myself and see if it lived up to the hype.  

Girl Meets Cookie

With the crunch of my first bite, I was transported into cookie heaven. My teeth sunk into a crisp crust that was complemented by a soft vanilla icing. The bar is sugary sweet, but the cinnamon flavor of the cookies keeps it from going over the edge. By the time I finished the entire bar, I found myself debating getting a second (or third).  

If you find yourself in the mood for an easy snack that will satisfy your sweet tooth, the Cookie Butter Bar is a stellar addition to the Starbucks menu. Plus, it goes great with a Caramel Macchiato.