As of 2014, the global superstar Taylor Swift has settled down in a home in New York. She has held some awesome baking parties and she obviously loves food. With a list of some of the best foods in New York City, Taylor has been spotted in various eateries around New York since her move. Want to eat like Taylor Swift? Here are some of some of Taylor’s favorite restaurants in New York.

1. Del Frisco’s

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of @delfrisco on Twitter

Del Frisco’s steakhouse is a very classy restaurant well known for great dishes. Taylor’s favorite is the Bourbon Sweet Potato Casserole, which is sweet potato with a brown sugary crust. But if you can’t go to Del Frisco’s, you can try this single-serve sweet potato casserole.

2. Milk Bar

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of @milkbarstore on Instagram

Milk Bar is an award winning bakery owned by Christina Tosi. It’s no wonder Taylor had to have a Milk Bar cake for her 25th birthday. The birthday cake was so good that those in attendance at her party, like Jay-Z, raved highly of the cake.

3. The Smile

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of @thesmilenyc on Instagram

The Smile is a cozy chic cafe with a great brunch menu. This place will definitely have you leaving with a smile.

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of JDH Imagez / Splash News/

4. Siggy’s

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of Siggy’s Good Food on

Siggy’s Good Food is good for you. They use organic, sustainable and whole-food ingredients. It’s good food for a good price. Want more vegan and vegetarian friendly places in New York? Check out this list.

5. Shake Shack

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of Ming-Ray Liao

The west coast has In-N-Out but the east coast has Shake Shack (although, there is a Shake Shack in West Hollywood now, so I guess you can say some East Coast chains are finally coming to California). The burger and shake combo is definitely a valid reason to live in New York.

6. Levain Bakery

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of @taylorswift on Instagram

Although Levain is located in the Upper West Side of New York, Taylor says it’s worth the long journey. The cookies are the size of your fists and the box of freshly baked cookies is totally worth the travel. First time at Levain Bakery? We can help you with your order here.

7. Koi

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of @koirestaurants on Instagram

Sushi for days. It may be a little upscale for the college budget but if you really wanted to emulate Taylor Swift’s life, try the double tuna roll. Or you can try to make a Spoon version of the Koi Crispy Rice, one of the restaurant’s most popular dishes.

8. Spotted Pig

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of @thespottedpig on Instagram

You can definitely spot celebrities in LA, but where in New York can you get a glimpse of celebrities and enjoy some European styled dishes? The Spotted Pig is the place to go. Taylor Swift has been spotted here with other celebrities such as Calvin Harris, Ed Sheeran, and Kayne West.

9. Angelica Kitchen

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of @ angelicakitchen on Instagram

Taylor Swift is not a vegetarian but that doesn’t mean she can’t eat a plant-based diet from time to time. Meanwhile, some musicians have fully committed to a vegan diet. See that list here.

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of Blayze/Splash News Online


10. Almanac

Taylor Swift

Photo courtesy of @almanacnyc on Instagram

Taylor may need to find a new restaurant since Almanac is closed as of April 2016. But, if you’re still trying to eat like Taylor Swift, you can always visit their sister restaurant called Mas (farmhouse).

11. Polo Bar

Taylor Swift

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Fashion designers aren’t just great at making clothes. Some even have their own eateries. The Polo Bar is a restaurant owned by Ralph Lauren himself. It is designed like an English equestrian club and the Reuben sandwich is Ralph’s favorite.