Let’s be real here: finals week is far from the best part of the semester. No matter how hard on-campus organizations try to help us de-stress, we all have to face those dreaded study sessions, and attempt to memorize 100 pages of notes in 4 hours. In order to make finals week a more pleasant experience, I decided to try studying in at least one new coffee shop everyday.

 I brought my roommate along on this adventure, and 10 New Orleans coffee shops later, we discovered that a change of location was exactly what we needed to make studying more interesting. I hope that my experience can give you the info you need to find your go-to study spot and ace your exams next semester.

1. Mojo Coffee House 

Not a far walk from campus, Mojo radiates motivating vibes. This cozy coffee shop has lots of seating options, and their large communal tables make for a great study spot when surrounded by other hard-workers. My iced latte was a 10/10, and even though I didn't grab anything to eat here, I loved being in the middle of Freret– down the street from some of NOLA's best restaurants. 

For a delicious study break, try Dat Dog, Good Bird, or Sprout and Press. Mojo is definitely a go-to homework spot for me!

2. Raw Republic

When I walked into Raw Republic for a Saturday morning brunch, I had no idea I would find such an adorable study space. If you're lucky enough to grab a spot in their upstairs area while you enjoy one of the best acai bowls in NOLA, stay to study in the quiet and relaxing nook. If you're the type of studier that tends to be more productive in the Howie T quiet rooms, I would definitely check out the scene here. Plus the beautiful white aesthetic makes it even more pleasant.

3. Cherry Espresso Bar

When I walked into Cherry Espresso Bar and took in its bright yellow aesthetic, I immediately knew I would be surrounded by positive vibes. Even when this coffee shop is busy, it’s not too hard to find a study spot in their large seating area. I would describe Cherry Espresso Bar as your classic coffee shop– lots of seating, chill music, tons of people doing work, and delicious brews.

Don’t forget to check out their menu–it’s full of delicious, healthy options. (Bonus: they have tons of outlets to fulfill your laptop-charging needs). 

4. French Truck Café

My personal favorite, French Truck Café, has everything you could want while studying off-campus– delicious coffee and pastries, lots of seating options, a fun menu, and relaxing music. For seating, they have tables inside and outside, both of which have a pleasant, sunny atmosphere. My experience here was incredible and I will definitely be returning.

Their New Orleans iced coffee is a must-try, and you really can’t go wrong ordering off their modern menu. (A personal favorite is the ricotta, strawberry, and balsamic toast). They also put pesto on their potato chips, so how could you not try this place out?

5. Pulp and Grind

After venturing out into the Central Business District, I had a hard time focusing at Pulp and Grind. With its limited seating options, I was lucky enough to cop a bar stool and order myself and iced vanilla latte and a cheddar, ham, and sriracha bagel bomb.

Even though the food and drinks were unreal (not to mention, they have a huge fridge stocked with fresh and energizing juices), it was a little too loud and crammed for my liking. I’d recommend checking out Pulp and Grind out for a cute coffee date rather than a study session. 

6. Drip Affogato Bar

If you're looking for a caffeinated sweet treat to keep you going while you study, Drip Affogato Bar has got you covered. Their ice cream and coffee combinations are indescribable, and will definitely give you the energy you need to ace your exams.

This adorable spot has a very small and intimate vibe– perfect for those who prefer to study in silence. Even if you just need a quick treat to end a long day of studying, their desserts will definitely not disappoint.

7. Revelator Coffee

When I walked into Revelator Coffee and saw all of their unique blends and espresso machines at work, I knew I was in for a treat. Their coffee tastes legit, and you can even buy some coffee grinds to DIY at home. Along with the relaxing music playing, the sounds of their espresso machines were extremely therapeutic while studying.

Since they ran out of pastries by the time I got there, I wouldn't recommend coming here if you're looking for a meal. However, it is right next-door to St. James Cheese Company– huge perk.

8. Rue de la Course

With its popularity amongst Tulane students, I knew that Rue de la Course was a must-try coffee shop. Flooded with peaceful, classical music, its elegant two-story interior is the most charming study spot. In fact, classical music is proven to help you focus. Studying at an antique wooden table in the upstairs area, with my study guide lit by an adorable desk lamp, I felt extremely content and motivated.

I highly recommend coming to this unique coffee shop, grabbing a flavored iced coffee and bagel sandwich, and cracking open your textbooks for some peaceful study time.

9. HiVolt Coffee

If you're looking for a detox from coffee shop pastries, HiVolt is the place to go. Their menu is full of fresh and healthy breakfast bowls, salads, and sandwiches. I would recommend coming here if you prefer to work in a busier environment, as the café is filled with alternative music and other hard-workers. A huge perk is that there is tons of seating, and a long bar by the window for those come to study by themselves (#noshame)

10. Café Luna

When I walked into Café Luna, the biggest struggle I faced was determining where to sit amongst their many options. This quiet café has a porch full of outdoor tables, a cozy area with couches, and a bright orange room full of tables with art hanging all over the walls. When I settled into the back room, I was surrounded by a lot of other people working on laptops, and the room was basically silent. This definitely motivated me to work hard.

Unfortunately, I came on a Thursday not knowing that the kitchen is only open on weekends, but I still had a delicious muffin and loved my experience here. 

Throughout the entirety of finals, I did not set foot in the library and I couldn't be happier. Even though some coffee shops were a better work environment for me than others, I've now collected all of this information that myself and others can learn from. This adventure definitely added some flavor to a boring week.