Whether you’re in need of a post-class snack, a go-to lunch spot, or you just need to cleanse your body after a weekend of drinking, acai bowls are the way to go. Acai bowls are a delicious and healthy meal that will satisfy all of your cravings (and not to mention make for a killer food post on Insta). So here’s a ranking of all the acai bowls in New Orleans, from the worst to best. 

5. Freshens

The worst on our list is our very own Freshens, located in the LBC. For only $6.69, you can get this soupy (and tbh, not very fresh) acai bowl. This bowl should be your last resort for when you're absolutely craving an acai bowl but can’t get off campus. Just don’t be let down when it’s not as good as the rest.

4. Superfood Bar 

Tali Green

If you didn’t think acai could get any more basic, think again. What’s the number one food more “trendy” than an acai bowl? Avocado. This acai bowl at the Superfood Bar is blended with– yes, you guessed it– avocado. This creamy blend of acai and avocado made the base of the bowl an interesting texture that I had never tried before. Although this bowl wasn’t my favorite, it’s definitely worth a try for the adventurous foodie out there and will only cost you $8.50.

3. D'Juice 

Tali Green

D'Juice offers a variety of delicious bowls to choose from. For only $8.75, I chose the Berry Acai Bowl and was happily pleased. This bowl offered me a lot of acai in that tall cup, which is great because the more acai the better. The consistency of it was a little more on the smoothie side, which made for a nice refreshing start to my morning. Although I have to say there wasn't as much fruit on top of my bowl as I would have liked. I would highly recommend making a stop at d'Juice or, even better, using their free delivery to campus.

2. The Daily Beet 

The Daily Beet offers a variety of healthy, fresh items to choose from on their menu. But my favorite item is, of course, their acai bowl. At a very affordable price of $9, you can get an amazing acai bowl. This bowl is huge and topped with a mix of fresh fruit, goji berries, and coconut. The restaurant itself also offers a very calm and aesthetic vibe, which only add to the overall acai-bowl eating experience.

1. Raw Republic 

Tali Green

The holy grail of the NOLA acai bowl is Raw Republic. These insane bowls, though the priciest on our list ($11), are sure worth every penny. Choose from 2 delicious bowl options that will come with the cutest flower garnish– and don’t forget the almond butter. Then, head upstairs to the trendy little seating area that'll remind you of your own kitchen. The white tables and natural light will make for the perfect Insta of your bowl (if you can restrain yourself from taking a bite the minute you see it).

 A lot takes place when choosing where to eat an acai bowl. Will my acai pic be Insta-worthy? Will I end up spending too much money? Do I really need a bowl? (Hint, the answer is always yes.) So, when you're debating whether or not to call that Uber to take you to your favorite acai place, keep in mind this ranking to decide what kind of bowl you're really in the mood for.