Ahhh…Dat Dog. Even if you “aren’t a hot dog person,” chances are, you’ve gorged yourself at Dat Dog at least once. Students flock to this local eatery for its wide array of gourmet sausages, extensive topping selection, and killer cheese fries. It’s also walking distance from Tulane and relatively cheap, making it every college student’s dream.

Whether you’re lactose intolerant, vegetarian, gluten free, or none of the above, Dat Dog has something for you, and your go-to order says a whole lot about your personality. Here’s the official guide to what your Dat Dog order says about you.

Alligator Sausage with Crawfish Étouffée and Creole Mustard

Dat Dog

Photo courtesy of yelp.com

You know how to follow your NOLA. You go to Frenchman Street every Sunday to listen to live Jazz music, you shun Bourbon Street for being too touristy, and you won’t post an Instagram picture unless it’s in the Bywater. You’ve been to Voodoo, Jazz Fest, and Buku, and you’re the biggest Saints fan in the universe even though you’ve only lived in New Orleans for 3 months.

Vegetarian Dog

You’re a vegetarian, but you’re not assertive enough to tell your friends you’d rather not go to a hot dog restaurant. In your spare time, you enjoy chowing down on quinoa bowls after doing Bikram yoga, and you’re already planning your next juice cleanse while you’re still at the table.

Chef’s Choice

Dat Dog

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You’re the adventurous friend. You’re not picky, and you’re always down for a little spontaneity. You usually want to try everything on the menu, so you make sure you get a bite off everyone’s plate whenever you eat out. You never cause drama, and you’re usually the one who carries your drunk friends home from the Palms and don’t makes a big deal out of it the next morning in Bruff.

Guinness Dog


Guinness Dog Special A photo posted by Isaac Woo (@iwoo1) on Feb 11, 2014 at 5:29pm PST

You’re the friend who still can’t get over how literally amazing abroad was. Your Instagram feed is flooded with pictures of paninis, gelato, and Amsterdam canals, and you’re guilty of using “Cope is dope” as a caption. The first bite takes you back to your glory days of pouring the perfect pint at the Guinness Factory.

Every Topping on the Menu

Currently enjoying an amazing hot dog at Dat Dog

A photo posted by Nathan Norsworthy (@nathannorsworthy) on Jan 7, 2015 at 9:49am PST

You’re the budget-conscious friend. You won’t buy anything unless it’s on sale and you pretty much survive off of ramen. As soon as you noticed that toppings were free, you knew you had to maximize your value. The cashier warned you not to mix chili with crawfish étouffée, but you could not be stopped. You were quite pleased with your decision until your walk back to Sharp became a race to get to your floor bathroom’s “good stall” before your floor-mates. 

White Trash Fries


White trash isn’t always a bad thing… #EEEEEATS #nolafoodgals A photo posted by @nolafoodgals on Sep 27, 2014 at 7:42pm PDT

You’re the friend everyone can depend on to go out with on a Tuesday night, even if you have a test the next day. You know what you want, and you aren’t afraid to ask for it. Your favorite bar is Snake and Jake’s, and you’ve been known to close it out once or twice before.

Bacon-Infused Vodka

Dat Dog

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You’re the try-hard friend. You partied in high school, and you won’t let anyone forget it. You don’t use chasers, and your favorite vodka is Crown Russe. Any time you go to Dat Dog, you have to make it known that you’ve tried the bacon vodka and insist that it really isn’t that bad.