It's the second month of 2017, and that means New Year's resolutions are either still going strong or have been guiltily given up. For me, I vowed to snack healthier this year, and ever since January 1st I've been on a mission to find healthy alternatives which still fulfill my tasty cravings. One of the many products I've tried are flavored almonds, which are almonds roasted and coated in different flavors, ranging from sweet to salty to spicy.

Although I was never really a fan of plain almonds, I decided to give them a try, and I instantly fell in love. Since one ounce of almonds containing high amounts of fiber, monounsaturated fat, protein, calcium, and other important minerals, they're not just delicious, but good for you, too

With that knowledge fueling my efforts, I decided to taste-test and rank every kind of flavored almond that Blue Diamond produces. Unfortunately, my local grocery store did not carry the Honey Dijon or the Jalapeno Smokehouse flavors, but those were the only two I missed. Here's my thoughts and rankings on the multitude of flavors I could find.

7. Bold Salt 'n Vinegar

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Emma Briskin

Coming in last place is the salt and vinegar flavor. The smell of vinegar was so overpowering that it made my eyes water, and the taste was just as slap-you-in-the-face vinegary. Unlike salt and vinegar potato chips, which aren't too harsh on your taste buds, these just didn't catch on for me. I had hopes that these could replace my favorite potato chips, but for now, I'll stick to my Lays.

6. Bold Smokehouse

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Emma Briskin

The signature flavor that Blue Diamond makes, Smokehouse is consistently one of their top best sellers. Why is it ranked so low on this list? It was because these tasted like barbecue chips, except without the delicious barbecue flavor. After eating these I just felt the artificial smoke flavor lingering in my mouth. I could see how they would be addictive for some, but I didn't enjoy the overly processed taste.

5. Toasted Coconut

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Emma Briskin

This flavor initially had me excited. I mean, it's basically a substitute for an Almond Joy, right? Unfortunately, this flavor didn't live up to the hype. It smelled and tasted like a buttery, coconut-scented candle, and the texture of the almonds was almost rubbery due to the thin flavor coating.

While they weren't the worst, I couldn't eat more than a few of these. I give it props for trying to capture a great flavor, but it didn't deliver on its promises.

4. Bold Wasabi and Soy Sauce

Emma Briskin

I'll admit it: when I first saw these, I was pretty skeptical to try them. As a girl who prefers her wasabi to stay far away from her sushi, I didn't exactly like the concept of munching away on hunks of wasabi.

Out of all the flavors I tried, these definitely matched their promised flavor the most. The super-spicy, nose-tingling heat of wasabi was the first thing I felt as I ate one. The aftertaste was the surprisingly tame flavor of soy sauce, which brought together the idea of sushi-inspired almonds for me.

Someone who loves wasabi peas would love this as a healthier, fiber-filled alternative. While it wasn't my absolute favorite, I give Blue Diamond total credit for nailing the flavor. 

3. Bold Sriracha

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Emma Briskin

Of course there had to be a flavored almond for the trendiest hot sauce out there, right? These suckers definitely tasted like their namesake, with trademark back-of-the-mouth heat that was just the right balance of sweet and hot. They were insanely addictive and I will definitely be keeping a tin around for snacking.

2. Bold Habanero BBQ

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Emma Briskin

Remember how the Bold Smokehouse flavor tasted like barbecue chips, but without the barbecue flavor? These had the sweet barbecue flavor I was missing, with a surprising bit of heat towards the end from the habanero. I'm a big fan of barbecue chips, and these can definitely serve as the replacement snack I set out to look for. 

1. Honey Roasted

Emma Briskin

The Honey Roasted flavor takes the top spot for me. Ever since I tried these, I've been constantly munching on them. Their sweet and salty coating, along with the crunch of the almonds, makes me feel like I'm eating dessert. These almonds are the true winner for me.

What I learned from my mission is that healthy alternatives to snack foods aren't as difficult to find as they seem. So next time you're in the grocery store, force yourself to skip the chips and candy aisle, and instead head toward the nuts section. Pick up one of these flavors and who knows, you may just finally find your new favorite snack.