As most of us have experienced, our healthy snacking resolutions have never made it out alive past the month of January. With these 16 healthy snacks, your bad snacking habits can be left behind, along with your outdated iPhone.

1. Banana Ice Cream

healthy snacks

Photo by Katie Walsh

Why eat full fat ice cream when you can have no fat “ice cream”?

2. Roasted Chickpeas

healthy snacks

Photo by Kirby Barth

When you are dying for that falafel sandwich, these roasted chickpeas will kick that craving to the curb.

3. Apple Chips

healthy snacks

Photo by Sitong Chen

An apple (chip) a day keeps the doctor away.

4. Homemade Trail Mix

healthy snacks

Photo by Lucy Rubin

Most store bought trail mix has excess sugar that you can leave behind in 2015. Instead, make your own this new year.

5. Yogurt Parfait

healthy snacks

Photo by Anna Loh

Make sure to buy yogurt that has less sugar than protein.

6. Energy Balls

healthy snacks

Photo by Becky Hughes

Throw these in your bag for when you start to get hangry in between meals.

7. Blueberry, Oatmeal and Flax Muffins

healthy snacks

Photo by Lauren Feld

Rich in Omega-3 Fatty acids and low in fat there is no reason not to munch on these.

8. Veggie Chips

healthy snacks

Photo courtesy of smiteme from

Eating veggies raw gets boring, so why not make them into chips?

9. Chocolate Dipped Apricots

healthy snacks

Photo by Anika Schaedle

After a few of these, your chocolate cravings will be satisfied and your daily servings of fiber and potassium will be fulfilled.

10. Chia Pudding

healthy snacks

Photo by Katherine Baker

Ditch the snack-packs for fancy, healthy adult pudding.

11. Dark Chocolate Bark

healthy snacks

Photo by Amanda Shulman

Contrary to popular belief, dark chocolate in moderation is vital to our living.

12. Banana Poppers

healthy snacks

Photo by Abigail Wilkins

Potassium from the banana and protein from the greek yogurt will leave your body feeling thankful.

13. Parmesan Edamame

healthy snacks

Photo by Elyse Belarge

This healthy snack will satisfy your salty tooth and leave your muscles with plenty of protein to help you make those 2016 gains.

14. Homemade Granola Bars

healthy snacks

Photo by Alex Tom

Store-bought granola bars have sneaky ingredients that you can’t pronounce, so make your own.

15. Baked Sweet Potato Fries

healthy snacks

Photo by Amanda Gajdosik

Forget the Burger King drive-through when you can make these fancy fries in no time.

16. Chocolate Peanut Butter Bananas 

healthy snacks

Photo by Hannah Lin

Satisfy your sweet tooth and feel like George Bluth all well treating your body.