Having food in your dorm can be dangerous. We've all had mornings when we've woken up to the entire family sized bag of Doritos gone or only half of the Skippy jar remaining.

However, dorm snacks don't have to be unhealthy and caloric.  Here's the low down on delectable yet healthy snacks to to fuel your studying and late night cravings

1) Raw Carrot Cake Cookies

These gingery fall tasting treats are the perfect replacement for those post-holidays candy cravings. There are dozens of other flavors too with gluten free, raw, and vegan options.

2) Dried unsweetened Mango

Unsweetened is key here.  Mangos are far yummier and healthier without added sugar. These chewy and slightly tangy pieces are the perfect sweet snack post-run.

3) Nut Thins (pecan flavor)

Best. Cracker. Ever. These salty and crunchy crackers are satisfying with nut butters, hummus or any spread of your liking.

4) Snap Pea Crisps (wasabi flavor)

Airy, crunchy, spicy and satisfying. Replace buttery popcorn with these for a perfect movie snack.

5) Justin's Dark Chocolate Peanut Butter Cup

Healthy Reeses? Who knew that could be possible? Justin's company makes amazing nut butters and nut butter filled treats.  

#SpoonTip: Put these in the freezer for that extra crunch.

6) Perfect Bar

This bar is great pre-exercise or for an on-the-go breakfast. Over twenty superfoods are packed into a delicious and creamy granola bar. The best flavors include coconut almond, carob chip and almond butter.

7) Dark Chocolate Sea Salt Almonds

sweet, vegetable

These are dangerous. The almonds pack tons of healthy fats in, and the dark chocolate adds the dessert factor. The sea salt is the perfect finishing touch.  

#SpoonTip: Make small baggies of 7-10 almonds to help with portion control.

8) Veggie Straws 

#Throwback snack attack. These veggie crisps are a wonderful alternative to oily and fatty potato chips. They taste amazing too.  

#SpoonTip: Try a blind taste test to see if the different colors taste different.

9) Puffins Cereal

Cereal is the answer to everything, isn't it? This #pumpkinspice Puffins cereal is the perfect fall breakfast or dessert. Spice it up even more by adding cinnamon or chopped apple.

10) Bare Banana or Apple Chips

Bare products are satisfyingly crunchy and a healthy alternative to candy or cookies.

11) Siggis Yogurt

At 100 calories, this yogurt packs in over 12 grams of protein and no fat. The yogurt's consistency is thick and creamy and comes in several flavors. Favorites include passionfruit, vanilla and pumpkin spice.

12) Honey Crisp Apples

Apples are the ultimate snack. They are filling and high in fiber, which helps with digestion. Honey crisps are the crispiest and tangiest apples around. 

13) Califia Farms Almond Coconut Milk

Dairy-free friends rejoice. The coconut and almond milk combination by Califia Farms is creamy and completely non-dairy. The company has amazing products other than milk too, including nitro cold brew and limeade. 

14) Halo Top ice cream

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