If you've hit up a farmer's market, juice bar, or followed health trends over the past decade, you've probably heard of kale. If not, you're missing out on the bitter, leafier cousin of lettuce. While kale is a versatile veggie, keeping it fresh can be a bit tricky. Such a crisp bundle of leaves can make you sad if not stored properly.  With this step-by-step guide, we'll show you how to store fresh kale so it doesn't go limp and you can get the most out of your purchase.  

Purchasing and Cleaning

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Allie Hicks

Regardless of where you decide to purchase your kale, you may want to wash it before doing anything else. While some stores may wash their produce, it’s typically a good idea to rinse it off once you get home. This isn't necessary, just be sure to give it a scrub before throwing it in your next meal. 

After rinsing your kale (make sure to get all those leaves!) pat it dry with some paper towels. However, it doesn’t have to be completely dry before moving to the next step - just make sure it isn't dripping wet

Finding a Container

Allie Hicks

While your kale is drying, locate a large air tight container. This can be a large tupperware container (my go-to) or a gallon-size plastic bag. Make sure all your kale fits in, and you might need two bags or containers.


Allie Hicks

Once you’ve found a container, get a paper towel or two wet. Squeeze out any excess water. You want the paper towel to be damp, but not sopping. Place the paper towels on top of and around your kale (almost like you're tucking it in for bed). This is going to keep those leafy greens the hydration they need to prevent drying out.

Extra Tips and Tricks

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Allie Hicks

Most importantly, make sure you keep that kale cool, so store your container in the refrigerator. The best place is the coldest part of the fridge, and this varies based on the type of fridge you have. This might take a little rearranging or cleaning out (good-bye week old leftovers) but by storing it in a cool location, you prevent the kale from becoming bitter.

Make sure to switch out the paper towels every couple days. This will ensure freshness and hydration. If you’ve got a large amount, you can also layer paper towels and kale to keep those beautiful leaves from going limp.

With this how-to on how to store fresh kale, you can keep all the greens you want.  Try out some healthy kale chips or toss some in with your next breakfast smoothie.  By keeping your kale fresh, you can try a week's worth of recipes - oh, kale yeah.