With the new school year having started a while ago, needless to say, you're probably stressed out and halfway through your meal plan which you despise, but rely on nonetheless. Also, you're probably running out of apartment essentials, so the next time that you have to go out shopping for them, you might as well be sustainable with help from Tom Mooradian, PepsiCo Recycling’s Sustainability Manager. 

Bottles and Mugs

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By bringing your own reusable bottle/mug to your local coffee shop or to campus, you'll be able to "enjoy better insulation [with] your personalized favorite shape, color, and slogan [bottle/mug] while also saving money on your morning coffee or tea run by bringing a reusable bottle or mug to the cafe. Fill your bottle with water throughout the day when possible at water filling stations, and many major coffee chains will slash 10 cents off your order if you provide your own cup," stated Mooradian in an exclusive quote. Drinking water is healthy anyway, so you'd definitely be taking a step in the right direction.


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As Tom Mooradian would say, "There are many types of beautiful collapsible and foldable straws that are easy to carry and function better than disposables too. You can even personalize them with your favorite saying or color." Besides, according to Bustle, there are edible straws that are out on the market, just in case you're.... a tad bit hungry; let's just leave that there and move on.

Bulk Containers

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Mooradian would say that "It’s great to have some containers for those leftovers when dining out for lunch, but these can really come in handy when buying your groceries too. Many grocery chains and co-ops offer wide range of products in bulk, ranging from grains like rice and oatmeal to dried fruit & nuts to other essentials like coffee, tea, cereal, pasta, and more."  Besides, when you have containers, you're able to meal prep, thus not only making you more of a sustainable person thanks to PepsiCo, but you could also see and make what you're eating; ball's in your court -- catch.


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Mooradian advises you to "Pick up a stylish bag from one of your local supermarkets. While you’re at it, bring your own bags to haul everything home too." Or you could be like me and save nearly every single tote bag that I receive and reuse those, too. Besides, they make for a great backpack and most of the time, they're either super cheap and or free... yes, free; especially if you go to events like myself.

Know Where to Recycle:

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"If you don’t see a place to recycle, ask about it your school and be a change agent so others can recycle in the future, too! Enter your zip code into Keep America Beautiful at KAB.org to view their local recycling tracker to learn more about the collection process where you live," stated Tom Mooradian. Besides; if you're anything like me and feel like a trash can and have a therapist that tells you otherwise, you might as well be able to relate to people recycling things right in front of your eyes in terms of their words and actions.

Do the Zero-Emissions Challenge

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Tom Mooradian advises us to "try to achieve zero-emissions (ie consume no energy) for a singular hour per day. [He also suggests that we] walk or bike to class – you might run into some friends along the way. Then see if you can stretch it to two, three, or four!"

Being sustainable might seem very hard and a very adult-like thing to do, but in the long run, it's so worth it; and thanks to Tom Mooradian from PepsiCo, things just got a little bit easier.