In rise of the recent election, there are many things in the government that will be changing. One of the biggest issues facing our world today is man-made climate change, and with President-Elect Donald Trump, there is not much intended to be done about it.  However, there is something you can do! Recycling is a big factor in slowing down climate change. Recycling is easy and it's something that you can do even if you eat out all the time! Here is a list of restaurants and fast food stops around the country with recyclable containers to help you save the environment. 

Applebee's: The to-go containers and carry-out containers from Applebee's are not only completely recyclable, but they are also made from recycled products

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Rachael Piorko

Baskin Robbins: Your Baskin Robbins napkins and waffle cone holders and completely recyclable and made from recycled materials! The to-go bag you get is recyclable too!

Burger King: The paper bags your food comes in and the containers that hold your nuggets are made of paper and totally recyclable!*

Cheesecake Factory: Your to-go containers and lids are totally recyclable! In fact, a lot of what The Cheesecake Factory does a lot in their restaurant to help the environment and conserve energy!

Chipotle: Bags, bowls and napkins from Chipotle are all made from 100% recycled material and are completely recyclable. Chipotle is always working towards creating more environmentally sustainable plans as well.

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Becky Hughes

Chik-Fil-A: Chik-fil-A is proud to offer recyclable cups. Also, their shirts are made from recycled materials! How cool is that?

Domino's: Any box that your food comes in, your pizza, cheesy bread, etc., are all totally recyclable!*

Dunkin' Donuts: Napkins and bagel bags from Dunkin' Donuts are also recyclable! In fact, the company is currently looking for a replacement to the foam cups to provide for even more environmental sustainability.

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Jacqueline Canino

IHOP: To-go containers from IHOP are all 100% recyclable.

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Caty Schnack

Jimmy Johns: All the paper products used from Jimmy Johns are from recycled material and are recyclable. 

KFC: The well-known red and white fried chicken containers are plastic and totally recyclable.* 

Little Caesar's Pizza: Along with most cardboard pizza boxes, Little Caesar's pizza boxes are recyclable as well!

McDonalds: Containers and bags from McDonald's are made from recycled material and are recyclable based on your location!* 

Kathleen Lee

Panera: The soup containers and hot cup paper liners are totally recyclable. Panera's containers are almost totally recyclable and it has been their focus to make it all the way there

Papa Johns: Pizza boxes from Papa Johns are cardboard and totally recyclable!*

Pizza Hut: Your pizza boxes are also totally recyclable!*

Qdoba: All of your food wrappers and to-go bags are recyclable!* 

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Sara Casagrand

Shake Shack: All the cardboard and plastic used at Shake Shack restaurants is recyclable! The restaurant makes every effort to make sure recycled material is disposed of properly. 

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Carla Garcia

Starbucks: Starbucks makes a huge effort to minimize the impact they have on the environment. All the coffee cups from Starbucks are totally recyclable. 

Subway: The wrapper that covers your sandwich is made from recycled materials and is completely recyclable.*

Taco Bell: The bags that your food comes in are all recyclable!*

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Kaylee McIntosh

White Castle: White Castle Crave Cases are newly made from recyclable material, as well as the outer bun cartons are reused and recyclable!

Wendy's: The to-go bags your food comes in are completely recyclable, as well as the containers the salads come in.

Restaurants around the country are doing their parts to limit their environmental impact by making the change to use more recyclable products, to lower their energy output, and use their resources wisely to cut back on the negative effects on the environment. Recycling is easy, cool, and extremely helpful to the Earth that we will now have to care for more than ever

Please note: information marked with an * was obtained by calling the company headquarters and asking about their recyclable products.