This TV special is one of the first things that comes to mind when Thanksgiving approaches. Actually, Charlie Brown specials are the epitome of all fall and winter holidays for me. I love the transparent message of the real meaning of the holidays and the sentimentality of the hand drawn cartoons that remind me of a simpler time when my only responsibility was getting out of the way of the adults with the real responsibilities.

A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving was unofficially the very first Friendsgiving. The best part of his Thanksgiving is how reasonable the entire preparation is. Even if you don't have a spotted dog to help you, the food and the decor is pretty manageable and you've got a fun theme. I'll make it even simpler. Here is everything you need to know to throw the best Friendsgiving around. 

Whether your cooking skills are limited to toast and popcorn, or you just don't want to spend hours cooking up a meal just to celebrate with friends, Charlie Brown's Thanksgiving food spread is the perfect direction to take your holiday munchies. 


popcorn, corn, cereal, kettle corn, sweet, salt, caramel, milk
Alina Polishuk

Keep it simple and buy some bags of popcorn or make it on your own. If you want a little variety, a few additions here and there will bring your popcorn game to a whole new level. 


cream, ice, whipped cream, caramel, syrup, chocolate
Jaime Wilson

I would be happy with a big stack of toast with some butter and jam, but if you want to be a little more clever, whip up some festive pumpkin cheesecake-stuffed French toast that will fill you up. If you prefer a little something more savory, go for the new classic avocado toast. Then again, why not have both sides of the spectrum with some sweet potato toast?


cream, chocolate, cake, sprinkles, sweet, goody, candy, dairy product, ice, milk
Kirby Barth

Go classic with some ice cream and hot fudge. Think of all the possible toppings. Get yourself some sprinkles, chocolate chips, gummy bears, marshmallows, and whatever else your taste buds desire. See who can make the most delicious or ridiculous combo. If you're having a smaller Friendsgiving (or if it's just you) make a warm cookie sundae with just your microwave. 

Jelly Beans

candy, jelly beans, gelatin, sweetmeat, goody
Abby Mainwaring

Get the best flavors for your meal. This super easy addition to the celebration requires no cooking. Be a jelly bean genius and share some fun facts about your favorite treat at your Friendsgiving.


vegetable, sweet
Rosie McCormick

Just pick up a couple bags of pretzels from the store and throw them in a bowl. Get different kinds of pretzels if you want to step it up a level. Dip them in chocolate to keep raising the bar. If you want to make them homemade, try out these soft pretzels. Do you want a typical main dish at your Charlie Brown Friendsgiving? Pretzel-crusted honey mustard chicken nuggets are the way to go. 

The Decor 

If you want a legit Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, all you need is a ping pong table. Don't have one? I'm sure a real table will work just fine. You can just use a fitted bed sheet for an easy table cloth that will stay in place. Break out the lawn chairs, the benches, folding chairs, and any other chair-shaped object. This will add to the Charlie Brown charm. Get fancy with your table setting or cut down on clean up with some paper plates. Fold your napkins like Snoopy. If you've got a Snoopy of your own, dress them up like the a little pilgrim to top it all off. 

Invite all your friends or let them invite themselves. Sing some tunes on your way home to the real meal, and you've done the holidays just like Charlie Brown himself.