In the last year, Stanley Quenchers have taken over social media. Last month, Stanley fans waited in extravagantly long lines surrounding Target to get the newest color drop in a vibrant pink and red for Valentine’s Day. Many of us probably hadn’t even heard of the release until these lines went viral. By then, the cup was long sold out and being resold for three times the original price. So how can you know when the newest colors and editions of Stanley Quenchers are coming before anyone else? We asked a Stanley Cup collector for her tips on how to know when new Stanley colors drop.

Amorette Simon has been collecting tumblers from many brands long before a water bottle was considered an accessory, mostly searching for exclusive Starbucks cups. But once the Stanley Quencher boom hit social media, she bought one and immediately saw a difference compared to other tumbler brands. Not only did it keep her water ice cold for days, but she also loved the unique colors. She began collecting Stanley cups — she currently owns 20 — and posting regular updates on her Instagram account @my.tumbler.addiction. She considers herself to be an expert in knowing when new and exclusive Stanley tumblers will drop, so she shared some tips with us.

Sign up for text notifications from Stanley to be the first to hear about releases.

This first method is simple. If you text STANLEY to 22936, you can sign up for text notifications and receive regular updates and promotions for all things Stanley, including the announcement of upcoming releases. This will let you know the second new colors drop on the website.

Follow social media accounts to know where to buy new Stanley releases in-store.

Knowing about new releases is just one part of the process. The next step is knowing what retail stores near you that have them in stock. Stanley often does exclusive tumbler drops at Target and Starbucks where only a few tumblers will be for sale in store. Simon suggests following tumbler-related Facebook groups in your local area. While it may be difficult to find Stanley-specific local groups on Facebook, many that are meant for Starbucks and other brands of tumblers will commonly post Stanley content as well, like if new color drops were spotted in a particular store nearby. If you are on the West Coast, like Simon, she recommends also following national Facebook groups to get even earlier updates. Two of the most popular national Facebook groups are Stanley Cup Hunters and Stanley Tumblers. “The national ones are really helpful because the east coast and usually other states get their new shipment of Stanley cups weeks before we do here in California.” A local one Simon follows who is located in the Bay Area is Starbucks East Bay Cup Addicts.

Follow Instagram accounts to find in store products.

Accounts on Instagram, like Simon’s, can be extremely useful to follow if you want up-to-date news on new Stanley cup releases and what stores carry them. Influencers running these accounts spend lots of time searching for new releases and promptly posting about the best places to find them. It also is a good way to hear about upcoming sales on Quenchers in stores like Target. The Instagram account @targetovereverything and @target_junkie are both great to follow to look out for Target drops. 

Keep information saved on the Stanley site to secure anticipated limited-edition Stanleys online.

As we saw with the Mistletoe and Lunar New Year collections, limited-edition color drops for Stanley Quenchers are in high demand, which can make them very difficult to get. Online exclusive, limited-edition colors can sell out quickly, so it is important you prepare ahead of time. The text alerts and email newsletter you already signed up for (see the first tip) will alert you when these new online-only colors go on sale. Typically, the brand will give you a few days' notice before a new pattern goes live, and sometimes you can even put in a pre-order. Be sure to open the website at least a few minutes before the release time and refresh right when they drop to maximize your chances. “I recommend making an account to make sure your info is there so when you are in line, you are ready to check out,” Simon said.

As long as Stanley is popular, getting new, especially limited-edition, colors is a challenge for everyone. Hopefully these tips from hardcore collectors will be useful for the more casual Stanley enjoyer.