On March 31, you can take a trip around the world courtesy of Spoon GU. How? With eight vendors bringing cuisine from around the world right to campus, you can go from Japan to Brazil to Ghana in, like, 15 minutes if you get lucky with the line. Want to see where you can go without leaving the front lawn? Here's a hint:

Maki Shop

With places this good, we hope the sushi burrito trend stays around for a while. Maki Shop has a huge variety of hand rolls (including several vegan and gluten-free options) as well as other delicious options like hot rice bowls and seaweed salad. If you want to get super-trendy, order the poke tuna hand roll.

Maracas Pops

It might still be March, but these tropical popsicles will make you want to grab a towel and tan on the lawn. You can’t go wrong with traditional flavors like melon or strawberry, but the spicy-hot mango and pineapple are a delicious way to turn up the heat.

Cucina al Volo

Break out the wine, because a bite of this pasta will bring you straight to Italy. From linguini to ravioli, you can’t go wrong with any of their pastas, but the sauces are what you really came for. Try the bolognese for classic delicious.

Arepa Zone

Masa and melted cheese – what more do you need? We’d take a trip to Venezuela for anything on their menu, but the Canosa (queso fresco and shredded beef) is the way to go. And good news, they’re at the farmer’s market this semester, so you can get your arepa fix every Wednesday.


Be sure to get some Ghanian food at Spoonfest at Appioo. Ever tried fried goat? Here’s your chance. I promise it tastes better than it sounds. 


We know, we don’t need to tell you about Swizzler. But just wanted to remind you to get the best thing this city has to offer (Leonardo Dog Vinci with a side of truffle fries) while it’s on campus, since they’re not at the farmer’s market this semester.

Club Filipino

You don’t have two hours to wait in line at Bad Saint, so get something just as delicious from Club Filipino.

Brazilian Club of Georgetown

Gif by Katie Elliot

Serving up samba and everything delicious, the Brazilian Club will make sure you feel like you’re south of the equator at Spoonfest.

Excited yet? Us too. We'll see you at Spoonfest. 

Where: Copley Lawn

When: Friday, March 31st, 11 AM – 3 PM