Are you craving Mickey D's, but not trying to get a "food baby?" Do you find yourself feeling overly-full from a burger and aiming for something a little less filling, yet satisfying? Well, even though McDonald's has the fast food and high-calorie stereotype, you CAN grab a light bite for only 500 calories (or less)! 

Meal 1

We've all been there when we are absolutely starving and decide to go for the 10-piece McNuggets. BUT, when looking to just fill our cravings, a 4-piece McNugget and an order of small fries will do the trick. Add a packet of sauce to dip and a Diet Coke to sip on.

Total Meal Calories: 465-480 (plus maybe a Happy Meal toy to go with it)

Meal 2

A McChicken ain't so bad, and if you're looking to eat a little veg along with your meal, add a side salad with fat-free vinaigrette and you'll be feeling just fine.

Total Calories: 350

Meal 3

Did you have a wild night out last night and are afraid you won't be able to hold down a huge breakfast? McDonald's has something that might do the trick, and possibly help your hangover at the same time. Try a nice and light Egg McMuffin, to get something in your stomach.

Total Calories: 300

Meal 4

I don't know about you, but ice cream never seems to make me bloat or fill me up. Really in the mood for some good soft serve? Why not indulge on THREE vanilla ice cream cones

Total calories: 450 (yes, they're small, I promise)

Meal 5

McDonald's is not all sugary flurries and overly salted fries, I swear. They have low-calorie salads, too. If you're trying to stick to your healthy diet plan, try the Southwestern Salad with Grilled Chicken (make sure it's grilled, not crispy chicken). Add a fruit & yogurt parfait with granola if you want something a little sweet on the side. 

Total Calories: 480

Meal 6

Looking for an energizing snack to get you through a long afternoon? Try the healthy Fruit and Maple Oatmeal (with a touch of brown sugar, of course!) to curb your appetite, instead of diving in for a sugary donut or cookie.

Total calories: 310

Alex Frank

Next time you see those famous golden arches, go ahead and "treat yo'self," because it doesn't have to be a feast. McDonald's does have lower-calorie options, from salads to sweet treats to even the classic McNuggets... And I promise you won't have that unwanted food baby at the end.