Food is a staple in every student's life, and when it comes to college, the dining hall is always the place to be. However, the dining hall can get old from time to time and you don't want to spend money because #collegebudget. Put your chef hats on! Here are some delectable eats you can make in your dorm room for when you're not feeling the dining hall options or spending any cash. 


oatmeal, rice
Timary Malley

Oatmeal is a quick, easy, and versatile dish that can be made for any time of the day. Instead of the prepackaged oatmeal, I go for 1 cup of old fashioned oats and either 1 cup of any type of milk or just enough water to submerge the oats. Cover the bowl with a paper bowl/plate and pop in the microwave until cooked enough to your preference.

And then comes the best part... toppings! You can go sweet: banana and peanut butter, strawberries and dark chocolate peanut butter, maple brown sugar, or honey and nuts are some ideas. You can also go savory like combining egg, hummus, and sausage or avocado, tomato, and pepper, or even cheese, spinach, and meat.

Oatmeal is so versatile and there are many combos you can make. You can also add some extra protein by incorporating protein powder and egg whites before microwaving it. #oatmealgainz 

Breakfast Sandwich

bacon, cheese, egg, sandwich
Timary Malley

Breakfast sammies are so simple and delicious and can easily be made in your dorm room. You can even find bread, bagels, english muffins, or wraps from commons, because that college budget is way too real.

All you need is some form of bread, cheese–like string cheese since it's also the perfect to-go snack–eggs, and meat, like Morning Star Farms Veggie Sausage Patties that are kept in the freezer and can be microwaved. Try to get a meat than can be cooked in a microwave, such as bacon, sausage, or some brands of ham.

Place your bread on a microwave safe plate, put the cheese on top of the bread, and then microwave for about 45 seconds so the cheese will become melty. Then put an egg in a heatproof mug, cover it, and put it in the microwave for about 1 minute.

#SpoonTip: Spray the mug with non-stick spray so the egg comes out easier.

Once the egg is cooked place it on the bread, and then add the meat to the same mug and microwave the meat for about 30-45 seconds per side, or follow the instructions on the package.

Add the meat to the sandwich and then put the two sides together and voila: a breakfast sammie! You can also add hummus, avocado, tomatoes, or anything else you are feeling.

Mug Cakes

chocolate, milk, cream, coffee, sweet, candy, goody
Megan Clarkson

Who doesn't love cake? Now how about a cake that you don't have to share and is extremely easy to make? Count me in! I like to use Kodiak Cakes.

I put 1/2 cup of the Kodiak Cake mix in a mug, add some water to make it a somewhat pancake batter-like consistency, and then pop it in the microwave for about a minute, or until it is fully cooked.

Add in some chocolate chips, peanut butter, honey, Reese's PB cups, or whatever your heart desires. Need some inspiration? Try out some of these delicious recipes.

Buffalo Chicken Dip 

cream, vegetable, bread
Hana Ezaldein

This is my go-to whenever watching a football game. Yes, you can make this glorious dip using a microwave. It can even be made for free! You'll need cream cheese, cheese, chicken, and hot sauce. You can substitute Greek yogurt for cream cheese for less fat. 

To scoop up this heavenly dip, just grab some tortilla chips, pretzels, celery, carrots, or anything you would like and get scooping.

Scrambled Eggs 

egg, cheese, sauce, ravioli, pasta, scrambled
Kate Donald

So simple, so fast, and so delicious. Put as many eggs as you would like into a mug, then add a bit of water or milk to get a nice liquid consistency. Add in any other ingredients you would like, such as cheese, vegetables, meat, etc. Microwave, covered, for about 1 minute, or until fully cooked. Take it out and enjoy straight from the mug.


condiment, guacamole, garlic, herb, vegetable
Alex Weiner

We know guac costs extra, however, this one doesn't. What I like to do is cut up an avocado, add some salsa to it, mix it up, and there ya have it, guacamole. Pair it with some Tostitos, pretzels, vegetables, or scoop it on your scrambled eggs. 

Now, get cooking!