How do you like your oatmeal?  Brown sugar?  Raisins?  Milk?  If you answered yes to any of the above, allow me to open up your eyes.  These ingredients are only the starting point for the amazing meals of oatmeal that can be created.  I’m sorry, Quaker Quick Oats, but your mixes leave my tastebuds less than impressed.  Oatmeal is not just one meal but many and can take on oh so many different forms beyond brown sugar and cream.  Slow-cooking oatmeal is only the medium through which creativity can be expressed, tasted and gratified.  If you’re still not getting the picture or don’t believe me, try any of the below combinations:

Apple Crisp:  diced apple, ground cinnamon, granola and a little bit of agave nectar.  Dessert for breakfast?  Yes please.

Taste of the Tropics:  cook oats in coconut water and add mango and pineapple.  Little taste of sunshine on a cold winter’s day.

Grand Slam:  fried egg, sausage and a touch of maple syrup. Sounds weird. Just try it.

Dried Fruit n’ Nut:  simple and classic.  Combine dried cherries, apricots, walnuts and almonds.  Add raw honey.

Banana Booster:  banana, almond butter and sunflower seeds.  Consume.  BOOM.  Boosted.

Strawberry Rhubarb Pie:  fresh strawberries, rhubarb (cooked), ground cinnamon and a touch of vanilla extract.

Uncle Sam’s:  pomegranate seeds, blueberries and flax meal.  God bless the US for this colorful combination.

Reese’s:  chocolate chips and peanut butter.  Allow the ingredients to melt together.  The original peanut butter cup just got a whole lot more real.

Blueberry Mint Refresher:  fresh or frozen blueberries topped with fresh mint.   Refrigerate and enjoy on a hot summer’s day.

Parfait Parfait:  combine plain yogurt, marmalade and nuts of your choice.  Laugh at others eating a mere yogurt parfait.

Trick and Treat:  canned pumpkin, cinnamon and walnuts.  Costume encouraged but not required during consumption.

Peanut Butter Jelly Time:  crunchy peanut butter and jalapeño jam. Revive mom’s favorite lunch combination.

Some call oatmeal boring.  I say they just haven’t embraced its potential and tried any of the above combinations.  With the countless meals of oatmeal waiting to be created, you will never suffer breakfast boredom again.