If you're anything like us here at BC, our tailgates tend to come wayyy too early in the morning (thanks 12 p.m. kickoff) after a long Friday night out. Even though it's game day, it is a major struggle to roll out of bed, put on your best game day wear, and start partying again so early. And, lets be honest, our football team here is definitely not the reason everyone wakes up early on Saturdays. A good football Saturday is contingent on how it begins: the tailgate.

Both mine and my roommate's parents went to BC, so the tailgates they throw now that we're students here are far from boring. All the alum are always dying to get back on campus and love to reminisce about their 'good ole days' by showing us and our friends a good time. These tailgate experts, as we like to call them, know a thing or two about how to throw an epic tailgate for all your friends. The big key to success, however? The more the merrier. The first step, before the food, is to invite all your friends and designate a good spot for everyone to gather. Grass is preferable, with easy access to the stadium. So, here are a few tips I took from my parents on how to be the star of the morning with good tailgate foods to get your friends and family hyped up for the big game. 

Make your Bacon Egg & Cheese on the Grill 

cheese, egg, bacon
Alice Zhou

A burger isn't really something people are dying for at 9 o'clock in the morning. So, instead of grilling up burgers and dogs, throw some eggs, cheese, and bacon on the grill and make your own breakfast sandwiches. The carbs will not only give your guests the good breakfast to support their big day ahead but will also help with some hangovers for sure.

Put bowls of Candy EVERYWHERE 

I know at my tailgates the first food to go are the piles of gummy bears scattered around the table. No one can resist candy, and its an easy way to get your sugar fix while balancing a drink in one hand and jumping from picture to picture with your friends. Swedish fish, M&Ms, and twizzlers are a small, yet crucial part of any good tailgate. 

Keep the cooler locked and loaded with fun drinks

No tailgate is complete without a drink or two (or maybe three). It's not very fun drinking a warm natty light in the early morning, so be sure to stock your cooler with lighter drinks like Spiked Seltzers. If you're feeling extra fancy, play bartender and make your guests a mimosa or bloody mary for something different.

Dips, dips, and more dips 

parsley, garlic, herb, bread, salsa, guacamole, vegetable
Alex Namba

Guac? Queso? Buff chick? How about all of the above. The possibilities are endless and trust me, you'll want all of them. Everyone loves to get their hands on anything they can scoop up with a chip. Whether its store-bought or homemade, dips will never go uneaten and are always delicious. 

Some kind of fried chicken 

Your tailgate will for sure be the talk of campus if you bring in some Chick Fil A or Cane's. Nuggets, spicy chicken sandwich, tenders, your options are endless, and all SO good. These chicken places' fanbase is insane, which will drive tons of hungry college kids over to your spot. A few drinks in and closer to lunch time? Fried chicken will always do the trick. I know that the trays of Chick Fil A at my tailgate are by far the most popular food on the table. 

It shouldn't matter if your team sucks, tailgating can still be epic with a little help from good tailgate foods. With a new spin on some classics, people will be coming back for more and will talk about your tailgate for weeks on. One of the best parts of fall is college football, so take these ideas and make it a season to remember.