The University of Arizona is known for its luxurious lifestyle. With pool parties, every weekend, and the amenities (rooftop pools) at every off-campus apartment building, it seems hard to even gain the Freshman 15. The girls here are expected to be skinny, tan and blonde, however, this isn’t always the case. The Freshman 15, let alone gaining weight at any age in college, is difficult to avoid in paradise we call UA, but if we work hard and avoid unhealthy foods, we can avoid it. Here are 5 ways to avoid the Freshman 15 at Arizona-

1. Utilize the recreational center

The University of Arizona has one of the highest ranked recreational centers in the country. Amenities include, but are not limited to, weight machines, treadmills, ellipticals, pool, racketball and basketball courts. If students take full advantage of these amenities and build a decent workout schedule, the Freshman 15 can be easily avoidable.

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2. Avoid late-night eats

Drunching and munching are where the Freshman 15 initiates. Studies have shown that eating late at night is the worst time to put food in your body. Freshman: DO NOT STOP AT THE PARK STUDENT UNION/HIGHLAND MARKET EVERYTIME YOU PASS IT. While it is tempting, as they offer every snack you could ever imagine, the PSU and Highland are the top two places on campus freshman must avoid.


3. Eat properly

While we have the option of eating the infamous In-N-Out, the University of Arizona also offers many healthy eating options around campus. Places such as Time Market, IQ Fresh, Core, Eat-A-Pita, Pelio Grill and Smoothie Factory, offer student’s a healthier eating lifestyle.

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4. Stock your dorm fridge with healthy snacks

Instead of the household essentials, your parents used to keep in the house, go out to any convenient store on campus, or even the market located across your dorm, and pick out fruits, vegetables, yogurts, meats and cheeses to fulfill your hunger. If you’re really feeling that sandwich, go purchase rice cakes — it’s 1/3 of the calories and a great substitute.

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5. Avoid going out to eat every meal

Although it is tempting to go out for every meal, being in the dorms and all, try to eat at your sorority/fraternity (if you’re involved in greek life), cook meals downstairs (if your dorm has a kitchen) or have things that are accessible to make in the microwave (healthy of course).

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The Freshman 15 is real, but if we do these 5 things we can overcome it. Utilize what you have around you and stay fit! Studies have shown that what you eat is the main factor in your weight.