Vegan protein bars tend to have a bad reputation. I know because I’ve tried almost every brand from bars to powders to protein snacks. These products are usually made with pea protein and have an overwhelming chalky pea taste. That’s why I was so surprised when I learned about No Cow. Their protein bars, spreads, and cookies are packed with the protein and nutrients that you’d find in any top-notch bar, but they’re completely vegan! These bars had me saying, “Yes please!” to No Cow.

The No Cow team strives to make great-tasting, nutritious plant-based products that make you feel good on the inside and shine on the outside. This starts with the best ingredients, including cacao, brown rice and pea protein, and 100% natural flavorings. In addition to the ingredients that are in the bars, what’s not there also counts. No Cow products are free of dairy, gluten, soy, GMOs, and added sugars. The combination of all these components makes for a delicious, wholesome bar with 20-22 grams of protein, around 27 grams of fiber, and only 1 gram of sugar. When they say “No bull,” they really mean it.

The variety

No Cow products include a creative line of protein bars, “fluffernutter" spreads, protein cookies, and new energy bars. The flavors of the bars range from classic combos like peanut butter chocolate chip, to fancy raspberry truffle and carrot cake. I’m a fan of the classics including vanilla caramel and anything peanut butter, but you can’t go wrong any way. 

Texture is key

The bars have a pretty satisfying texture; they’re nice and dense with a good chew. Some of the flavors can be a bit soft, so just make sure they’re not at the very bottom of your backpack. But if your bar happens to get a bit squished, no worries! The No Cow website contains an entire recipe section with inventive ways to use their products. Crumble some protein bars in a food processor to make peanut butter chocolate chip cookie cups, or enhance the plant-based goodness with a batch of brownie batter avocado pudding. Since you’re already starting with a great-tasting product, these recipes are bound to succeed.

Animal-friendly fuel

Besides the classic protein bar, No Cow recently introduced their new Energy Bar. These are packed with all the same nutrients and goodness, but with an additional 45 mg of caffeine. These double-duty bars had me fueled up with protein while satisfying my caffeine dosage of the morning. Talk about a perfect study snack.

Whether or not you’re vegan, these No Cow products are sure to surprise you with their taste and nutrition. If you’re not a fan of bars, check out their protein cookies (healthy cookies!?) or fluffernutter spreads. One taste and look at the ingredients and you’ll understand: “No cow, no bull, no whey!"