It's that time of the semester again: midterms surfacing from students' agendas, difficult exams around the corner, new settlements for freshmen, sophomore and juniors figuring out how to survive and make out the most from these crazy years, and last, but not least, there are the seniors concerned about their future careers. Campus life can help a lot in terms of distressing or make the things a little bit lighter. Among many different and various on campus organisations, Spoon University at Hofstra University it's worth a try.

You learn first and foremost about food

Foodies, this is your site! There are many different lifestyle sites and culinary blogs you can look at, but this one is specifically meant to a young, dynamic and vivid audience. College is tough, but your passion and interest for food can always come to your help when you need to relax, feed yourself, and stay healthy.

Spoon University presents you tons of recipes and choices to be creative with your favourite foods. You get the chance to learn how to make diverse dishes from all around the world, prepare drinks that can uplift your weekends, and bake sweet tasty cookies.

A foodie community

Behind every recipe, food, or beverage there's always a story, an event, a fact that surprises us. Spoon University is that platform where not only you get the chance to come across so many different and various recipes, but also you can learn the history or the heritage that that specific dish carries on. There's so much culture to learn from food!

Spoon University gives you the chance to explore some of the most unusual or trendiest facts in pop culture, as well as local events, cafés, and restaurants reviews. There are many fun facts to know about food, from vegetables, sweets, and meat you might wanna know!

You learn about health

Speaking of gastronomic facts, Spoon University not only provides you lifestyle content, but it also gives you some more serious insight when it comes to know how to stay in shape, be healthy and make smart choices.

This section is important because food is the fuel to our body and we should all be aware of what nourishes us. We should pay attention to what goes into our mouths, no matter how tasty or scrumptious a certain type of food looks. It's a chance to keep our health on top, foodies!

You get experience

Here we are talking just about passions and interests, but how can Spoon help a typical college student... for real?

Every chapter at Spoon University includes any person who likes food, and your talent can always be beneficial for our community. You can write, film, organise events, take photographs: any editorial or artsy skill you've got is more than welcomed. And if you're not in any of these businesses... you can still be part of us, as long as you got a genuine interest in knowing about food and its wonders.

For more information, contact us. We are more than happy to include you and expand this gorgeous group!