College is a stressful time full of endless papers, projects, and socializing. However, eating healthily is important for your physical and mental health. My roommate and I – two self-proclaimed health freaks – always keep these wholesome foods stocked in our room so we can stay energetic throughout our daily grinds. 

1. Oatmeal

cereal, corn, wheat, oatmeal, porridge, oat
Gabby Phi

This is the perfect food for a breakfast on the run. Jazz up these high-fiber whole grains with any combination of toppings. Oatmeal also makes a surprisingly amazing drunk snack.

2. Greek Yogurt

milk, coffee, cream, dairy product, cappuccino, espresso
Krysten Dorfman

Greek yogurt packs so much protein into each little cup. Mix plain yogurt with a splash of vanilla, chia seeds, raw honey, or cocoa powder for a creamy treat. Or make these fun popsicles.

3. Natural Peanut Butter or Almond Butter

chocolate, cream, sweet, pudding, coffee, milk, caramel, dairy product
Caitlin Shoemaker

Natural peanut butter or almond butter provides lots of healthy fats without the added sugar and preservatives of store-bought, processed foods. Eat it with fruit, spread it on rice cakes, or right out of the jar.

4. Air Popped Popcorn

popcorn, corn, cereal, kettle corn, caramel, sweet, wheat, milk, butter
Andrea Kang

Popcorn is a tasty source of whole grains. Stock up on bags of air popped popcorn to get the most benefits without added salt or fat. Or you can dress it up with curry powder.

5. Rice Cakes

sweet, cake, cream, pastry, pudding, pie, chocolate, dairy product, bread, custard
Ashley Blume

Rice cakes have a bad rep for being plain and boring. Think again! They come in different delicious flavors like chocolate and caramel. Or try these toppings out to jazz them up. 

6. Fruit and frozen fruit

sweet, vegetable, juice, berry
Anna Hirschorn

Steal some fruit from the dining hall for a quick snack, use them to top an açaí bowl, or freeze them for a smoothie later

7. Dried Apricots

chocolate, sweet, candy
Anika Schaedle

If you're looking for something sweet and chewy, these fiber and potassium-packed fruits will satisfy the craving. Or make them fancy for an even sweeter, guilt-free treat.

8. Veggies

vegetable, carrot, pasture
Charlotte Hull

Veggies are another food to steal from the dining hall. They can satisfy your need for a crunchy snack. Dip them in hummus or peanut butter.

9. Chia seeds

Becky Hughes

These little seeds are HUGE in health benefits and versatility. Top oatmeal, yogurt, and smoothie bowls with them or use them to make pudding.

10. Low-Fat Cheese Sticks

cheese, milk, dairy product, dairy, cheddar
Matthew Wenger

While not as fancy as a gourmet cheese plate, cheese sticks offer a portable dose of dairy and protein. Plus, string cheese is so fun to eat.

11. Dark Chocolate Almonds

beer, tea
Grace Goettman

Dark chocolate almonds are perfect for when you want to treat yo self without the guilt. Stocking up on them is yet another reason to make a Trader Joe's run.

12. Protein Balls

Kristi Cook

Have a ball making these protein bites. They are packed with protein and any variety of mix-ins you can imagine

13. Almond Milk

milk, coffee, almond, cereal
Yonatan Soler

This is another super versatile food. Splash it in your morning coffee or use it to make chia seed pudding. You can even make your own.

14. Herbal Teas

tea, coffee, espresso, black tea, cappuccino
Jocelyn Hsu

Wind down from a stressful day of classes with a cup of herbal tea. Don't know what kind you might like? Check out these teas for every mood.

Keeping your dorm room stocked with wholesome options allows you to make a healthy decision without thinking. Mix and match these foods for a super delicious snack.