We all know that HUDS meals can get pretty routine, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t be a little creative on our own. Even within the confines of the dining hall, it's possible to embrace your inner master chef and spice things up in the d-hall. Here's a list of some Harvard dining hall hacks that can change things up and let you break out of your typical mundane meal habits.

Ice cream sandwich

Sydney Segal

Craving an ice cream sandwich? Well, first grab any two of those cookies that the d-hall always has out. Place one of them on a plate, then swirl on your favorite soft serve flavor, and finally smush the other cookie on top. And, there you have it. A simple, easy way to elevate your dining hall dessert experience.

#SpoonTip: Drizzle on some chocolate sauce or whipped cream to add to the sugar rush.

Frozen hot chocolate

milk, chocolate, Chocolate milk, chocolate syrup, Hershey's
Sam Jesner

Depending on the dessert options in the dining hall, you may need to get creative. Making the ultimate frozen hot chocolate drink can do the trick and will satisfy your sweet tooth. Simply add hot chocolate and chocolate sauce to a glass of chocolate ice cream or frozen yogurt, mix it up, and top with whipped cream. You’ll think you're at Serendipity's


Sara Wetzler

This hack really complements Boston's perpetually wintery weather. Especially on cold and snowy nights, nothing's better than a warm bowl of comfort food. If the dining hall is serving clam chowder, then it is your lucky day. Grab a bowl of rice, add some chowder to it. And it's that simple to make this fancy Italian dish that all your friends will be asking where you got it.

#SpoonTip: Add some salt, pepper, and dried oregano to elevate the flavor. 

Blueberry waffle

waffle, syrup, blueberry, maple syrup, berry
Veronica Cheng

Okay, now this is a good one that will take your breakfast game to the next level. We all know and love the classic Veritaffle, but this trick will make the waffle almost gourmet. Mix some of the oatmeal station's blueberries in with a cup of waffle batter and pour it into the waffle machine. But don't just stop with blueberries — if there are chocolate chips or coconut flakes, add them all in. Once the waffle is done, go crazy and add more toppings like maple syrup, whipped cream, more blueberries (or chocolate chips), or whatever else the d-hall may have.  

Warm cookies and milk

This one may seem obvious, but many people forget that we have a microwave available in the d-hall. So, next time you get a cookie, first heat it up in the microwave, and then enjoy it as if it were a homemade one that came straight out of the oven. The same goes with any other baked good — muffins, cake, brownies — it's amazing how much of a difference a toasty sweet treat can make.

Here are just a few dining hall hacks that can step up your meals and diversify your diet. It sometimes may seem tough to change things up, but don't be afraid to get creative in the dining hall and make the most of what they’ve got.