With season six of the “Great British Bake Off” now airing on PBS, it’s time to pick a favorite to root for. Choosing one or even just two is a tough task, considering all 12 bakers are both crazy talented amateurs and kindhearted people who will help a fellow baker out during a tough challenge.

So even after spending a lazy day catching up on episodes, you still can’t decide on a favorite, just find your astrological sign on this list and trust that it’s the right decision.

Aries: Ian

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @iancpix on Twitter

For the first three episodes, Ian came out on top as “Star Baker”, giving him the reputation as the leader of the pack. He’s competitive without being overbearing, but he still has a softer side as the stay-at-home parent of his family.

Even when something goes wrong – like his cake during the sugar-free challenge – Ian keeps his cool. In the same episode, his Frangipane tart was another misstep, but he kept his energetic outlook and managed to stay alive.

Taurus: Nadiya

great british bake off

GIF courtesy of @demelzahcarne on Tumblr.com

Tauruses are constantly seeking self-assurance, which is why Nadiya is probably your soul sister. She’s one of the quieter and more modest ones of this season’s bunch, but when she wows Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood with her ice cream cake roll, she got a little emotional.

In the desserts episode, she makes a crazy cake made with three different flavors of pop, which makes cake a little bit more fluffy than water or milk is capable of. Nadiya is methodical just like a typical Taurus, so chaos is never welcome at her station in the baking tent.

Gemini: Alvin

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @caleb_adam on Instagram

Alvin is always moving and constantly worried that what he has created is not enough. For Geminis, less is not more and boredom is the worst feeling ever.

When the contestants had to build a sculpture out of only bread because carbs make mostly everyone happy, Alvin made enough bread to supply a whole bakery for at least a week. Geminis thrive in times when multitasking is needed, but sometimes this restlessness is a curse.

If Alvin is your kindred spirit, check out every bread lovers dream breakfast boat that would satiate the easily-bored Gemini.

Cancer: Dorret

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @bakeofftart on Tumblr.com

Like Nadiya, Dorret is often overlooked unless she speaks up. Cancers are soft and sensitive but can still show a moodier side of their personality, so it makes sense that she can go from creating a complete cake disaster to taking first in a technical bake for some crispy cookies made out of puff pastry.

Dorret grew up with six siblings, so just like Cancers, family is one of the most important things to her. She grew up in the West Indies too, which means that the Caribbean flair keeps her close to her family through everything.

Leo: Tamal

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @drrraybakes on Instagram

Tamal is the ray of sunshine in the baking tent, so Leo’s summery and bright attitude fits perfectly with the doctor from Manchester. He’s always smiling, even when his biscotti don’t turn out the way the judges were hoping during episode two.

Leos are creative and a little wacky, so you and Tamal would probably love to get into molecular gastronomy a make your kitchen a laboratory.

Virgo: Flora

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @sheddenflora on Instagram

From the beginning, Flora was the perfectionist of the baking tent, showing off her perfect cake decorating skills and meticulous eye for neatness in her meringue torte.

Virgos are the perfectionists of the zodiac, so a soupy mousse or a slightly cracked cheesecake are not going to cut it by Virgos’ or Flora’s standards. Being such a tough critic of herself, she can often get caught up in her mistakes, but feels at ease once again when the judges give her work their stamp of approval.

Plus, Flora’s Instagram is so put-together, that it’s serious #aestheticgoals.

Libra: Marie

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @mariecbakes on Twitter

Marie is now retired, so her laid back attitude meshes seamlessly with that of a Libra. The sign’s biggest flaw is its tendency towards laziness, which shows in Marie, who often plays the challenges safely.

Her profile on the show’s website mentions that she used to be terrible in the kitchen, but just like a Libra would, became a dedicated student and improved her skills.

She bakes bread weekly, but even if you don’t have all the time Marie has, you can still make some great loaves in under an hour.

Scorpio: Paul

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @pauljagger31 on Instagram

Paul could be seen as the man’s man in the baking tent, coming out just as fiery and strong as a Scorpio would. He’s also pretty secretive, as his station is in the back corner of the tent, where all of his madness happens.

In one episode, he makes a box of cookies dedicated to his wife, which showed how much his loved ones mean to him. It was a beautiful moment, but it’s hard to not be in a lovely mood when macarons are involved.

Sagittarius: Ugne

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @ugne_bakes on Instagram

Ugne is into powerlifting, a perfect representation of Sagittarius’ prowess. The sign is also known for its practicality, so even when Mary Berry decides to throw a tricky custard at the bakers, Ugne keeps her cool and doesn’t curdle the eggs.

Sometimes, Sagittariuses don’t have the keenest eye when it comes to details, so sometimes her biscuits come out a little misshapen. But sometimes life is a little more fun without the cookie cutters.

Capricorn: Mat

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Photo courtesy of @matrileybakes on Instagram

Mat gives off a quite reserved and sometimes easygoing demeanor, which aligns perfectly with the Capricorn’s tendency towards individual stability. He started off shaky in early challenges, but took is upon himself to get organized and become a standout.

In the cheesecake challenge, he makes three tiers inspired by chocolate bars, like he just traveled across the pond to a Cheesecake Factory and served the most decadent to the judges.

Mat is a firefighter, which shows his resilience and tough attitude towards anything the competition throws at him.

Aquarius: Stu

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @stu_henshall on Twitter

Aquariuses are creative people, so it’s not surprising that Stu tinted his cake with beetroot in the first episode. He studied at a music college and then went on to join a band, so his artistry is always shining through.

Even when the going gets tough, Stu keeps his cool just like an Aquarius would in the situation. So even if they were presented with this cookie dough ice cream sandwich, they still probably wouldn’t cry.

Pisces: Sandy

great british bake off

Photo courtesy of @SANDYDbakes on Twitter

Sandy is the cute den mother who bakes you and your friends cookies for when you get home from school. Pisces would probably do the same while emitting their positive energy to everyone they meet.

Oftentimes, a Pisces will underestimate their abilities, which Sandy often does while producing spectacular apricot cakes or Parmesan biscuits.

Sandy has made plenty of mistakes, like her runny cheesecake or odd licorice custard, but that makes a Pisces a Pisces.