After four years, I am giving up being a vegetarian. There are a lot of reasons people start to eat meat again, including personal preference, income, availability and health. While for most of the world eating meat is just an every day activity, when you start again after a long break it can seem like a very weird experience. 

When you tell your meat-eating friends

They are going to be shocked and probably very excited. They will make lists of all the things you need to start eating before you've even finished your sentence. 

When you tell fellow vegetarians/vegans

Ok, they might not actually care. But regardless of how polite or quiet they are, you will likely feel judged regardless. You'll probably get a few jokes and jabs shot your way from this group. 

When someone you haven't told hears you order meat

Oops, ya, surprise. Chicken is now my homeboy. 

When you eat bacon again for the first time

I honestly didn't think I missed bacon. I realized I was wrong with the first bite when my face unintentionally lit up.

When you realize all the things you can now eat

French onion soup? Yup. Marshmallows? Yup. Jello shots? Yup. And don't even get me started on menu selections — so many options. 

When you start to feel guilty 

Picturing the cows and the chickens and the planet...

But then you remember how good meat/money/iron is

This decision likely wasn't easy and you made it for a reason. 

When you have to defend that decision

You'll probably get some, "I told you so"s and whole lot of people asking why you changed your mind.

When you decide you don't care and are going to keep doing you

Go ahead and order that BLT. Live your life. 

So go forth and enjoy all the foods that are now available to you. Welcome back to the dark side.