Daenerys once said, “Freedom means making your own choices”, so follow the Game of Thrones princess’s advice and make your next choice to go to one of these Chester County ice cream spots. A quest to try the best ice cream in the county…is there any better way to spend your summer?

ice cream

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West Chester Coffee & Ice Cream Bar

ice cream

Photo courtesy of @thewestchesterbar on Instagram

Want a place to sip your morning coffee while enjoying a mid-afternoon frozen treat? The Coffee and Ice Cream Bar in West Chester is your place. Seating is limited, but all the more reason to enjoy the sunshine and take your handcrafted Little Baby’s ice cream to go.


ice cream

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This cone is smiling because the family-run shop serves ice cream with beer, so if you’re ever stuck between the bar and an ice cream run, you have your answer. Scooped puts a spin on both classic flavors and serving methods: caramel stout taco anyone?

La Michoacana

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Photo courtesy of @mrsgoor on Instagram

Tropical and exotic describe this Mexican fusion ice cream parlor in Kennett Square. Try a fruit or cream bar dipped in chocolate, passion fruit water ice, or a scoop sprinkled with chili powder because this is not the place to play it safe, ice cream lovers.


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This retro ice cream joint would be a spot frequented by the T-Birds and Pink Ladies no doubt. Hand-dipped or soft serve mixed with funky toppings is what keeps people coming back to Petrucci’s. Plus floats and a neon pink seating area makes it a blast from the past we all need in our lives.

Milky Way Creamery

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Photo courtesy of @weliketwocook on Instagram

The flavors are named after their cows, so really no other explanation is needed. Except maybe to rave about the exceptional quality. The ice cream is made using milk from the herd on location, and once you know that, you’ll understand the lines out the door on summer nights. Once you have your cone, the farm is free to roam, so enjoy the treat while befriending a duck…because where else?

Next time you’re in the area, try out one of the above ice cream spots for a regret-free calorie treat. And if you’re reading this late at night, I won’t judge you for sneaking a bowl of whatever’s in your freezer.