It's time to acknowledge the elephant in the room. With Spring semester starting soon, a quarter of UD students are coming to the terms with the fact that our days of dividing our time between Club Morris and daging are coming to an end. We are graduating June First. Everyone has had their own experiences these past four years, but there's one thing that UD students experience the same: food. Before we get ahead of ourselves for that impending June date, we need to make sure we've all finished our foodie bucket list that all Delaware students can relate to.

1. Found Your Go-To Roots Order.

Casey Irwin

The class of 2019 knows what life was like both pre and post Roots. I'd like to think that gives us a stronger appreciation for the healthiest spot on campus (RIP SaladWorks), but safe to say everyone knows what they like from Roots and how to order it most efficiently.

2. Devoured an ungodly amount of Kate's nachos...

...only to return there later that night for more ungodly practices with Kate's punch. Whether you know more about the inner workings of a trashcan plate than you know about your major, or you stick to the classics like buffalo chicken, the nachos are the best in the area. 

3. Rolled up to NDB looking not-so-fresh.

Katie Coulson

There's no time for washing your face or fixing your hair when it comes to a Saturday or Sunday morning NDB or Hot Bagels run. Everyone is on a mission to get their food and get right back in to bed, so all bagel shops are officially judgement free zones (or so we would like to think). 

4. Abandoned Your Pizza beliefs for a Drunk Slice of Grottos.

I can admit Grotto Pizza is not terrible sober, but it's definitely not great either. It's after a few green tea shots or slater races that any New York or Chicago pizza snob will find themselves devouring Grottos pizza as if it's a Michelin Star meal. It's the real Grottos groupies that know a bucket of fries is the way to go without sacrificing any values. 

5. Chosen the most expensive restaurant in town for when the parents come.

Haley Gerstein

There's always a day or two out of the year when we get to turn in our (although delicious) Honeygrow takeout for a fancy dinner with our parents. It's not their fault you want to show them the best that Main Street has to offer—which is Taverna or Caffé Gelato. Maybe you've taken a date or two here to show off, but safe to say you'd rather be able to hand the bill over to dad. 

6. Attempted to Reach the Two Earth-Hurricane Limit at Santa Fe.

Margs are officially ruined post grad because it feels like no one does them like Santa Fe. They limit us for a reason but it's always a good idea to try to see how much you can have. That paired with the endless chips and dip is always a great way to start the night. 

7. Had a Barista Remember your name at a chosen Coffee Shop.

Casey Irwin

Shoutout to my pals at Brew Ha Ha who know my name and over-complex order. Whether it's Brew Ha Ha, Brewed Awakenings, or the Smith Starbucks—having the baristas know your name is a special type of intimacy. It makes the ordering process quicker and brings to question how long after graduation they'll forget about you (I'm not crying, you're crying).

It's easy to complete this list if you haven't been living under a rock these past four years, but safe to say we'll be checking off this foodie bucket list two or three times over in the next few months.