Ah, one of the best breakfast foods there is to date: bagels. There’s just so many options; ranging from the classic plain bagel, to slathering it in cream cheese, to even adding a fresh-off-the-grill egg & strips of sizzling bacon. This food just caters to all (even you gluten free peeps).

The most hyped debate of all is whether to pig out at Newark Deli & Bagel or Hot Bagels. These marvelous bagel businesses are located on the oh so famous Main Street that runs through our boss campus at the University of Delaware. Some may say it’s a no brainer: “NDB all the way”. While others claim: “psht, NDB is overrated, Hot Bagels is where it’s at”. Well here’s the breakdown to figure out where to get the best bagel overall.

Hot Bagels

Photo by Rachel Davis


Newark Deli & Bagel, commonly abbreviated NDB prices their plain bagels at $1.10. BUT, Hot Bagels claims the winner on this aspect with their plain bagels ringing up to $1.00. And no tax in Delaware keeps those prices flat.


Have you ever seen NDB not crowded? Cause, I haven’t. The thumb twiddling wait for that heavenly bacon egg and cheese makes you twice as hungry as you were a second ago. Even though the line can be a drag, we all wait for it because it’s obviously worth it. If you’re in a rush but need a bagel to satisfy that growling stomach of yours, Hot Bagels is your go-to.

Hot Bagels

Photo by Rachael Piorko


We all need that stellar Wifi connection so we can Instagram or Snapchat the finest pic of the bagel that we’re about to go ham on. Have to make the friends jealous, am I right? NDB has it.

#SpoonTip: Call in advance or order online to skip that annoying af line.


Depends. If you’re coming from the North Green or the Little Bob, NDB has got it beat. Yet, if you live in the Courtyards or further down Main Street by Klondike Kate’s, Hot Bagels will be your quickest option. But who knows, maybe by the end of this article you’ll see if it’s worth it to walk a little further for perfection.

Hot Bagels

Photo by Rachael Piorko


A bagel outside with a view of the North Green? Or a view of the stores across the street? Sign me up for NDB!


The hours are baaaasically the same but as per usual, there’s always a champ. NDB is open everyday 7AM-5PM (besides major holidays, of course) whereas Hot Bagels is open Monday-Saturday 7AM-5PM, yet Sunday they close 2 hours earlier at 3PM. So if you’re in need of a late lunch bagel on a stressful Sunday, NDB is there for you.

Hot Bagels

Photo by Caroline Grew

And the winner is

NDB. I think we all sort of knew this answer, so congrats on being a smarty pants and trusting those taste buds of yours.