If you're from New Jersey or New York, there's one thing that you know best. No other place compares to the quality and taste of your pizza. Let's face it, at college, there's a good chance you've debated with kids on your floor about where the best pizza is from. You're a certified pizza snob and you're proud of it. As much as I love University of Delaware, I'm missing my go-to Jersey pizzerias

As someone who has some "Jersey girl" qualities, more specifically the pizza knowledge, I figured I was the right girl for the job in determining what pizza from Main Street actually reminds me of pizza. So, this pizza snob decided to try all of the pizza on Main Street to find which one lives up to my Jersey standards.

When They Call Closing Time: Grotto Pizza

pie, crust, pepperoni, cheese, pizza
Lindsay Carroll

Oh Grotto, the staple of a 21 year old's weekend at UD and home to what I like to call "closing time pizza". The pizza itself is just okay and fairly flimsy. The sauce is all right, and I don't even want to comment on the cheese because I'm not sure if you can call it that. Yet, I truly applaud you, Grotto. Having a pizza shop attached to the bar in a college town? Simply genius.

When People Say Any Pizza Is A Personal Pizza: Snap Custom Pizza

basil, crust, mozzarella, pizza
Lindsay Carroll

The concept of Snap is similar to Roots in that you can customize your own personal pizza to your liking or pick from one of many fan favorites. Their pizza is so fresh and is always served to perfection. You literally see the pizza go through the oven and cook as you wait and pay. This pizza is perfect for when you want to feel trendy and have some creative control over your pizza creation. I always go for the Kennett Square Pizza because you can't go wrong with baby arugula, mushrooms and goat cheese. 

When A Trip Home To New Jersey Isn't Soon Enough: Margherita's Pizza

pesto, spinach, pizza
Lindsay Carroll

As a north Jersey pizza connoisseur, nay lover, I can safely say that this is the closest to pizza from home that you can get on Main Street. The restaurant itself has the feeling of a good, old fashion pizzeria and is home to a great slice of Delaware pizza. The crust is crisp and thin while the cheese and sauce actually taste like what you expect them to taste like.  

When You Don't Want Dominos: Papa John's

meat, mozzarella, pepperoni, crust, sauce, pie, dough, pastry, cheese, pizza
Lindsay Carroll

Okay, so while Dominos isn't on Main Street, Papa Jonh's is. I will say their cheesy bread is life altering, but not changing. As for their pizza, its good for a chain place. The crust is pretty thick and the cheese is pretty appetizing, which is always a plus in my book. There's also something about dipping the pizza in garlic sauce that really adds to the experience. 

When You Want To Walk All The Way Down Main Street: Seasons Pizza

ham, tomato, pie, mozzarella, pepperoni, pastry, cheese, dough, crust, pizza
Jenny Slamm

I had never heard of Seasons Pizza before I came to school in Delaware. It's pretty far down Main Street and was recently renovated. I had two plain cheese slices that were pretty big (which I appreciate) and tasted like pizza. The crust was thin, but kind of doughy and the cheese and sauce combo was also pretty good. I would even argue that this was the best chain pizza on Main Street, sorry Papa John's and Grotto. 

Final Thoughts

From this mini pizza adventure, I truly learned that you really can't avoid sounding like a pizza snob when talking about pizza that isn't from New Jersey or New York. Eating around five slices of pizza and one whole pizza in a day should get you an award of some kind, and maybe some Pepto. All I can say is that if you want pizza that actually tastes like pizza, then Margherita's is the place for you.