When entering a new school, most are worried they are not going to find their buildings, make new friends, or be able to do all their homework. When entering a new school, there are millions of new names and places to learn. All the cute shops, the fast food places, the restaurant to take your parents when they come visit, and the drug stores, are popular especially in Newark, Delaware. 

Time goes by and you learn the lingo and the codewords. Here is the slang I learned after my first year at The University of Delaware.


Klondike Kate's nachos on Tuesday are hard to miss. Especially when it gets warm out, there is always a line outside the door. Kate's is an American food, locally run restaurant right in the heart of Newark. While their nachos are one of the most popular menu items, they serve brunch, along with seafood and sushi. 

"Main Street"

The famous Main Street runs right through The University of Delaware and is the heart and soul of Newark. Hundreds of kids head to "Main Street" for dinner, lunch, or to grab toothpaste they need for their dorm. 

"Dunkin at Perkins"

What would college students do without their coffee? The answer: nothing. Perkins is one of two student centers that UD has on campus, and Perkins student lounge has a Dunkin Donuts. They not only have your dose of every day coffee, but everything that a normal shop would have. 


Caesar Rodney dining hall is the spot where all freshman spend most of their freshman year. The dining hall has everything you could need, with vegan, vegetarian, and gluten free sections. The first time you walk in, you will most definitely get lost. Click this link for dining hall brunch ideas and how to navigate the dining hall at your school.


NDB is a codeword for Newark Deli and Bagels, which is a bagel store right on the edge of Main st. This is also codeword for where hundreds of college students go to get their Sunday morning bacon, egg, and cheese. 

#SpoonTip: On weekend mornings, call your order in. The time waiting will be cut in half. 

Adjusting is sometimes difficult, but with this list you will be an expert. Want another way to see all the deals and bargains on Main Street? Click this link.