Halloween is quickly approaching, so it's time to lock down your costume idea. If you're struggling to think of something, try out one of these food Halloween costumes that your friends will envy. Everyone will wish they thought of these first.

Unicorn Frappucino

Starbucks, pink and blue, Unicorn, coffee, cold drink, Unicorn Frappuccino, Frappuccino, milk
Shelby Cohron

Whether you love or hate this food trend, you can't deny it blew up. Grab a unicorn horn and a rainbow wig, and maybe even add some colorful makeup if you want to go all out. Top it off with a green apron, and print out the Starbucks logo while you're at it.

Freak Shake

Massive over the top milkshakes are another popular food trend. You can even play up the "freak" aspect by adding some spooky elements. Wear a skirt and tuck in your shirt and puff it out to get the ice cream/milkshake effect and construct a straw to attach to yourself. Then, go crazy taping a bunch of stuff on yourself,  add candy bars, candy corn, anything you can think of (whether it's real or fake is up to you).

Guy Fieri 

This is a popular costume for a reason. There's no denying Guy Fieri is a character. Spike up your hair, or buy a blonde wig and don't forget the sunglasses on the back of the head. Go around all night saying things like "out-of-bounds" to really get in the mood.

Sushi Burrito

While people have gone as sushi before, it's not likely they were a sushi burrito since that gained popularity this past year. Take inspiration from those who've mastered the sushi costume, and add the burrito aspect in whatever way works best for you. I'd personally take it as an excuse to bring a large blanket to wrap myself in.

Pizza Ice Cream

The pizza ice cream trend could definitely be classified as scary, and it left people shook this summer when it got more attention. Frighten everyone this Halloween with a costume inspired by the trend. Wear brown clothing for the crust, and cut out pepperoni pieces to glue on. Or buy a pizza costume here. Add the "ice cream" by gluing down cotton or some other ice cream-esque decoration.

Snapchat Hot Dog

I remember when this guy showed up on snapchat and everyone was thinking "wtf is this?" but now he's something to be cherished, and you can even be him for Halloween. Check out more about this costume here. Whether you think he's cute, or a little scary, the snapchat hotdog is a hilarious food inspired Halloween costume.

Salt Bae

Although his popularity has died down since he initially surfaced, salt bae works as an easy costume to throw together quickly, and everyone will recognize who you are. All you need is a white shirt, sunglasses, and of course, salt. Throw your hair in a ponytail and you're set.

This Halloween take a look to some of the weirdest food trends or popular food figures to inspire a Halloween costume.