Everyone seems to love pizza. In fact, it almost seems "trendy" or "hip" to be obsessed with pizza. I'm not really one of those pizza-obsessed people because I don't love marinara sauce, and the obsession tends to feel fake and overplayed to me. Now, I'm convinced it's really gone too far, because apparently an ice cream shop in Philly thought pizza flavored ice cream would be a good idea.

Where can I buy it?

I'm sure I'm not alone in being put off by the sound of it, and I imagine even pizza fans find this weird, but weird foods do interest me. Is it odd that the photo doesn't actually look bad either? 

Little Baby's Ice Cream, in Philadelphia PA, recently put out this pizza ice cream. This flavor is said to be a tribute to Pizza Brain, which is a pizzeria/museum that the ice cream shop shares space with.

What the heck is in it?

You may be wondering, "what exactly is in this pizza ice cream?" Well, it reportedly has crushed tomatoes, crushed red pepper, oregano, raw garlic paste, basil, and salt. The taste is said to be "subtle and smooth," which makes it sound less off-putting then it initially seems.

According to Stacey Ritzen, the pizza ice cream is tasty and has a "light, sweet tomato cream flavor with heavy notes of basil." People are even eating the ice cream on top of pizza to double their pizza experience, and calling it "the Frankford Ave. Taco".

This isn't a totally new concept...

While it sounds very strange, for Little Baby's Ice Cream it makes sense, as they offer other odd flavors , such as Irish potato, strawberry celery, and sushi. If you're not feeling adventurous, they got your back with their "plain" flavor.

This is definitely innovative and far from the norm in terms of ice cream, but there’s actually another place that has a pizza ice cream. Coolhaus from LA, which also offers a variety of unique ice cream flavors, has a pizza flavored ice cream of their own, which they did in 2015. Unfortunately, it's not currently on their website.

While Little Baby's Ice Cream has reportedly been selling their pizza flavor since mid-June, this may be a re-vamped version of what Pizza Brain originally sold in 2012. It's been recently gaining quite a bit of attention. Hopefully there is no bad blood between them and Coolhaus about who the original inventor was. Creative minds think alike right?

The Verdict

Who knows, maybe we’ll start seeing this flavor everywhere - someone better tell Jennifer Lawrence. Reviews for Little Baby's Ice Cream can be found on Yelp, although they are not necessarily specific to the pizza ice cream. Many reviews seem to be very positive due to friendly service and interesting flavors.

I'm not as disgusted by the thought of pizza ice cream as I was when I first heard about it, although, I'd probably try someone else's rather than pay for it. I would likely take a trip to Little Baby's Ice Cream, but I think I'd rather buy the rosemary gingerbread flavor.