Every year, the night before Halloween I scramble to throw together a costume, while usually saying to myself (or anyone around me, really), "I hate Halloween." It's not that I don't like dressing up, it's that the expectations for the night are generally way too high. I'm probably not going to have the best night of my life crammed into an over-crowded bar that serves up bottomless well drinks for two hours, dressed as a Justin Bieber. I mean, the possibility is there, but it's seemingly pretty low.  

However, no more scrambling. I know what I'm going to be for Halloween. Snapchat is selling a Dancing Hot Dog costume on Amazon. Like the filter with the little hot dog that dances around your Snapchat stories, this costume will have you (and me) dancing around the clerb IRL. 

The costume, which currently retails for $79.99 (so worth it), consists of two polyester pieces: a tunic with attached sleeves and hands, and pants with attached shoe covers. So if it's chilly in your area at the end of October, this will definitely keep you warm. It's description claims that it also has "convenient head/hand slits for easy access to cups, touch screens, and turntables!" So you can still act as fly as you feel. 

The costume has garnered some pretty gold reviews, too. Someone who gave it five stars on Amazon wrote, "I wore this to work for the first time today, and I've already been promoted twice. Soon I'll be the top dog around here." Another wrote, "Sometimes when I’m alone in my room I’ll put it on and do the dance. When I’m the hotdog all of my real world problems melt away." 

But of course, there are haters, too. One of the reviewers who gave it a one star wrote, "I don't want to live on this planet anymore." (Tbh, I feel this way on Mondays, too.) 

We can't confirm whether or not this costume will be available year round, or if this is just a Halloween thing. But either way, I can't wait for mine to get here.