I love watching Diners, Drive-Ins, and Dives, and have spent too many hours in a row binge-ing Guy Fieri. It's so fun to see different restaurants, which of course makes me hungry, and Guy himself is certainly entertaining. I can't help but have some questions for Guy Fieri and about the show as I'm watching. This article is for entertainment purposes and should not be taken too seriously.

1. Where did he get his vocabulary and can his adjectives please be added to the Oxford Dictionary?

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Jessica Citronberg

The Guy Fieri vocabulary is one of a kind. He's constantly using outrageous phrases like "bom-dot-com tasty", "funkalicious", "lights out delicious", "righteous" and many more. Where does he come up these? I'll never know but they need to be added to a dictionary ASAP.

2. Does he actually drive his car everywhere he goes?

He seems to be traveling the country and he's always in his red convertible, but driving back and forth all over the place would have to get tiring. 

Also concerning the car, Is he actually driving when we see him talking to us in his car? Looking at the camera while driving does not seem safe to me.

3. Has Guy ever been to a restaurant for the show that did not impress him?

I've seen particular dishes at certain restaurants that aren't his thing, but he still seemed to be impressed overall. If so, is he just really good at acting, or did he decide not to include the restaurant in the show? Or maybe he's not hard to please. Everything to him seems to be "Out of bounds!"

4. How many friends does he make from the show?

If you've had the pleasure of watching "Guy's Grocery Games", otherwise known as triple G, Guy brings chefs onto the show whom he has met from Triple D, and often claims they are friends.

5. Why does he always wear sunglasses on the back of his head and how do they stay there?

Does Guy wear sunglasses even in the winter? How many pairs does he own? I can barely keep my sunglasses staying put on the front of my face... I don't know how he does it.

6. How often is he home and how does he manage his family with his travel?

Diners Drive-Ins and Dives features joints all over the country and there's literally hundreds of episodes. That's a lot of time traveling around to different places to shoot for the show... but he is The King of Flavortown so I'm sure there's some secret to keeping the family going.

7. What does he think of Gordon Ramsay?

Gordon seems to be hyper-critical, while Guy seems to be more easily impressed. I wonder if their personalities would clash.

8. WHY does he still have the 90's boy-band hair?

Will his own children carry on his signature hairstyle in the future? Sorry Guy, but '98 Justin Timberlake is calling and he wants his style back.

Keep Doin' You Guy 

However many questions I may have, it's clear that Guy is true to who he is, and unafraid to be his crazy vocab using, boy-band hair wearing self, and that is something we can all look up to, in addition to the fact that he gets to get paid to eat of course.