Finals. I would elaborate, but you already know. The only way to ease the pain is with another F-word: food. Prepare your mind and body for exam day with food according to which type of horror (exam) you're preparing to face.

History: Dates

sweet, date
Kristine Mahan

Chances are your history final will be covered in dates (that are significant for some reason you forgot). That's why eating dates is your best bet.

I'm a fan of stuffing one with some almond butter and throwing it back, but there are other options for the faint of heart. Lärabars come in every flavor imaginable and are stocked full of dates. You can even make your own.

Chemistry: Homemade Bread

bread, cake, banana, sweet, zucchini
Jasmine Tang

I don't know about you, but whenever I try to bake anything, it's always a chemistry experiment (which I usually fail at). If you can successfully bake a loaf of bread, you can definitely pass your chem final.

Not sure which carby loaf to try? Try a classic buttermilk banana bread, zucchini bread or this fancy-schmancy sounding persimmon bread.

Math: Pie

pastry, sweet, cake, bread, pie, dough
Steph Auble

3.1415926535897932384626433832... you get the point.

If you're afraid of commitment, pie comes in all different shapes and sizes, with a variety of fillings to choose from. Chicken pot pie is always a tummy-pleaser and gets an A+ for comfort food. But if you need all the study time you can get, try this super easy raspberry nutella mug pie recipe.

If you live in Athens, GA, hit up Pouch Pies for an array of savory selections.

English: Trail Mix

You're welcome for sparing you the more obvious choice (alphabet soup).

English majors know the true pain of writing a final paper. When you're up late typing ferociously, you need a snackable sidekick. Trail mix works like a charm and has everything you need to finish strong. Stock your pantry with your favorite mix or make your own custom batch.

P.E./Health: Kale Salad

salad, vegetable, kale, broccoli, lettuce, spinach, parsley
Katherine Baker

You'd be crazy not to eat something healthy before your health final. Enter kale salad. If you aren't typically a kale supporter, make it an enjoyable experience for yourself. Add grilled chicken, fruit, nuts, cheese or whatever your heart desires.

Try making your own salad dressing for an extra bit of personality. Maybe even throw a whole wheat roll on the side (carb loading for the win).

Economics: Lunchables

dairy product
Denise Chow

When I think of economics, I think of Lunchables. Dealing with and analyzing the economy is so stressful and adult-like that it just makes everyone want to be a kid again. Lunchables accomplish that dream.

You can recreate the childhood favorite or opt for a charcuterie board (aka grown-up Lunchables).

Religion: Breakfast

No one can deny that eating breakfast each morning is a religious practice in and of itself. It would be sinful to skip it, even on the day of finals. I'm also pretty sure pancakes are the manna that fell from heaven.

Speaking of pancakes, check out these yummy variations. If you need some protein to get through finals, breakfast food is brimming with protein-filled recipe opportunities

Spanish: Tacos

vegetable, bread, corn, pepper, salsa, hummus
Christin Urso

I'm giving you an excuse to eat tacos. Don't question it, just eat it.

Fish is full of omega-3s, which are great for your brain, so try these fish tacos. Or, if healthy is not something you can stomach in the midst of finals, here's a definitive ranking of fast food tacos.

Anatomy: Cereal

nut, sweet, meat, apricot pits
Emily Genzer

The only way to survive anatomy is by pretending you're the next Meredith Grey or Cristina Yang. And what food tips have we learned from them? Cereal counts as dinner. 

Health conscious folks, don't worry: there are plenty of low-sugar cereals out there. We ranked 10 classic cereals in terms of taste and nutrition for you to study up on. If you already have a box in your pantry, try these tips for upgrading your bowl.

Psychology: Açaí Bowl

Antioxidants are your brain's best buddies. Since you've spent the past semester getting to know the brain, why not give yours a treat? Foods like blueberries, açaí and chia seeds are full of antioxidants that can help protect cells from damage

Açaí bowls are the trendy version of smoothies but still super easy to make. Top with your favorite fruit, granola, dark chocolate (for more antioxidants) or anything else your burnt-out brain desires.