As a writer for Spoon University a major requirement was a love of food so being a foodie is pretty much a must. As someone who cannot go more three hours without some sort of meal and is fascinated with new food trends I consider myself a foodie.

If theres a cool new restaurant to try, I am there. The Cronut—been there done that. 10 Below ice cream—all over that. But is this lifestyle hard? Not really, it's mostly tasty but there are some #struggles.

Grey's Anatomy is a show full of drama, love, death, and best believe every episode has you bawling your eyes out. And even though they're crying and you're crying the GIFs are really priceless.

1. When you hear about the latest food trend (i.e. Cronut) but then realize you have to wait on line at 6 am to try it.

I love you but I love sleep more.

2. When you go to Panera and their machines are down which means theres no soup.

This happened to me once and had to drive 20 minutes for the closest Panera. Almost sued for emotional distress.

3. When someone goes to grab something off your plate and that is sooo not happening.

Take a fry, lose a finger

4. When you look in the fridge and someone throws out your leftovers that definitely had another day left in 'em.

Uncalled for, unnecessary, and just plain rude. 

5. When you beg your friends to try this awesome new restaurant but it ends up sucking hardcore.

Derek speaks the truth.

6. When you haven't eaten all day and someone asks you to go to lunch.

Did someone say Panera?

7. When you are starving in class and someone sends you a Spoon article filled with mouthwatering pictures and your stomach won't stop growling.

Please, for the love of God, end class!!

8. When it's your job to make the dinner plans but you can barely get your life together never mind recognize and sort your cravings.

Mexican? Yes. Burgers? Yes. Wings? Yes. Chinese? Yes. Sushi? Yes.

9. When your favorite plate is taken off the menu without your knowledge.

You're only allowed three great plates in your lifetime. 

10. When it's happy hour at BWW and you should be embarrassed for being drunk from a Buffalo Wild Wings margarita but you high key don't give a f*ck.

Next round's on me!