Last August, Saints Madison Juice Company opened its doors as Madison's very first raw, cold pressed juice bar. Although they are located about a mile off campus, Saint's co-owners Joanna Um and Joyce Cullen claim that the Saints lifestyle is based on the very same lifestyle that UW Badgers live by. 

"Saints is based on the concept of balance. It is possible to work hard, play hard and feel good at the same time. Sometimes you sin... thats what Saints is for." This saying really spoke to me, so I decided to try a cleanse myself and see what it was about. 

Mylks and Juices

Saints juices and nut "mylks" each have their own distinct health benefits and catchy names such as the Exorcist, Meet Your Matcha and Hot Sh!tAt only 200-300 calories a piece and packed with enzymes, vitamins and nutrients these juices provide the perfect day to day snack for any health conscious professional or student or meal replacements during a 1-6 day juice cleanse.

Saints juices are cold pressed and raw. "Cold pressed" refers to how the juice is actually made and "raw" refers to how the juice is treated after it is made. Saints uses a special juicer called a hydraulic press. This heavy-duty machine slowly compresses fruits and veggies to extract juice. This juicing method minimizes the amount of air and heat, which helps the juice retain nutrients. 

My Experience

I was in desperate need of a way to detox and re-hydrate after St. Patrick's Day, so I decided to try Saints. My 3-day cleanse was composed of 5 juices and 1 nut mylk a day (about 1,300 calories). Although it was difficult not to snack while studying or watching Netflix, I honestly never felt any of the stereotypical side effects of a juice cleanse (head-aches, fatigue, etc.)

I started with the Exorcist, a rumored hangover cure, composed of lemon, agave, activated charcoal and water. Although the dark black color was intimidating, the juice was super refreshing.

For the next two days, I made my way through 50 shades of green, Greens^5, Goodness Greens, Lean Greens, Radiant Greens, Gateway Greens, and any other kind of greens you can imagine. The cleanse also included Up Beet, Prophe-see and nut mylks to add some variety. Personally, my favorite juice was the Lean Greens. The sweet flavor of pear masked the healthy-tasting cucumber, celery, and romaine lettuce.

How to Start Your Juice Cleanse

Want to learn more? Check out Saints Madison website here and follow their Instagram @saintsmadison for more information.

Too lazy to make your way to 821 Williamson St? Never fear, Saints delivers daily within a 10-mile radius of the store. Order online or over the phone and get juice and mylks at your door tomorrow. Because why be a sinner when you can be a Saint?