So, I’m sure you’ve all heard of juice cleanses before, and that they are either cruel forms of torture, something for the try-hard vegans, or a fad super weight loss plan. A juice cleanse is a good health boost, and maybe some of these benefits will inspire you to do one of your own.

1. Give your digestive system a break from processed foods 

A juice cleanse is a structured regimen to eat and drink healthy, unprocessed foods to reset our systems. If we’re gonna get technical here, Marcus Antebi writing for Juice Press says juice works for two reasons: juice leaves out the mistakes in our diet, and pulls the toxic material from our cells.

2. There is no set amount of days that will result in the “best” juice cleanse

Juice Cleanse

Photo by Kaitlyn Wesolowski

Cleanse for half a day, or if you’re up for the challenge, ten days, it’s really up to you. Stephanie, another awesome Spoon writer, was up for the juicing challenge, and  documented her experience where she cleansed for three days.

Drinking fruits and vegetables for 72 hours helps give our digestive systems a break without putting a major damper on our lives. When classes are cancelled for example, I’m sure you catch up on sleep, Netflix, maybe laundry or work if you’re feeling productive.

Cleansing works the same way as it gives our digestive systems a break, and the longer the break, the more work that gets done.

3. Fruits and Vegetables have medicinal and beauty benefits

What may these benefits include you ask? Well…

  • Clearer skin
  • Purging of dead and sickly cells
  • A regenerated immune system
  • A clear digestive track
  • Feeling of lightness and reduced bloating
  • A natural glow (I’m serious)

Learn more about the benefits of cleansing here

4. Being heathy is a lifestyle 

Juice Cleanse

Photo by Kaitlyn Wesolowski

Experts like Dr. Gittleman think of  juicing as a feast. Loading your tummy with fruits and vegetables helps your body shred all sorts of toxins. If you have trouble gulping down the green kale juice, try swapping out your shot of fireball for a shot of ginger fireball, it will have the same kick to it going down, but a better feeling the next morning.

5. There are juices out there that are actually refreshing and will leave you craving more. 

Juice Cleanse

Photo courtesy of Samantha Feher

One you start juicing, it becomes slightly addicting and you’ll actually start craving the juice over Domino’s and grilled cheeses. Sienna from Spoon can attest to the power of cleansing—her experience led her to believe that “juice cleanses possess a mystical and almighty power to heal the body and the mind.”

So if you’re looking for a way to give your liver a cleanse pre or post spring break, finally fight that nagging cough you’ve had for three weeks, flush out the weight you ate in Ben and Jerry’s on Valentine’s day, or just give your body a break from late night mindless eating, you should give it a go.

If you are looking for some tasty juices or juice cleanse programs, I would recommend checking out Organic AvenueJuice PressBluePrintJuice Generation

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