The city of Chicago is the unsung star of FX’s hit show “The Bear,” streaming on Hulu. The series shines a light on many historic and popular restaurants throughout the show's narrative. Season 3 airs on Hulu on June 27, and I can’t wait to see what other restaurants and chefs appear as Carmy, Sydney, and the whole brigade return for another season. This series not only beautifully incorporates the city into the story, but also provides a unique portrayal of people dealing with family trauma and the pressures of working in the restaurant industry. Before we all start binge-watching the next season and drooling over the amazing food the chefs create, here is a recap of every restaurant featured in "The Bear." And bookmark this page for later when we update it with season 3 restaurants. 

Mr. Beef

Mr. Beef is credited as the inspiration for The Beef in the show, the iconic sandwich shop where the show’s creator Christopher Storer worked. Several scenes were shot on location at Mr. Beef in River North, as well as a soundstage replica of the space to capture all the ambiance of working in a real restaurant into the show. Using this iconic Chicago restaurant as inspiration is perfect because it captures the roots of a small sandwich shop in the city, even though Carmy and his crew are working to elevate The Beef into a fine dining establishment by elevating their recipes and standards.

Superdawg Drive-In

Superdawg is one of the most iconic places to get a Chicago dog in the city, retaining its retro style and rooftop mascots Flaurie and Maurie since 1948. This restaurant appears in the montage in season 1, episode 7. Superdawg's hot dogs and fries also appears in a party scene in episode 5 of season 2 and is noted as another institution in the city. 

Loaf Lounge

The Loaf Lounge co-owner baker Sarah Mispagel helped as a consultant for the show and made the decadent chocolate cake from season 1, episode 4 made by chef Marcus (Lionel Boyce). You can try this amazing cake yourself at Loaf Lounge, or try one of the sandwiches, rotating loaves of bread, and other little treats.

Roeser’s Bakery

Chef Marcus gets inspiration for his doughnut experiments in season 1 by visiting Roeser’s, Chicago’s oldest family-owned bakery, which has been open at the same place in Humboldt Park since 1911. Roeser's has been selling seasonal treats and custom cakes for generations.

Gene & Jude’s

Another Chicago dining institution featured in The Bear’s episode 7 montage is Gene & Jude’s. Gene & Jude's has been serving 'red hots' hotdogs since 1946, sometimes called Depression Dogs, topped with mustard, onions, relish, and sport peppers, with fries. 

Johnnie’s Beef

This Italian beef sandwich favorite appears in the montage during episode 7 of season 1. Open since 1961, this Chicago spot is known most for its signature sandwiches with giardiniera, hot dogs, and charcoal-grilled Italian sausages. And don’t forget to finish your meal with a lemon Italian ice. 

The Green Door Tavern

This spot can be seen loitering in the background of shots of The Beef throughout seasons 1 and 2, and Ritchie even complains that The Green Door is closed as a sign that the neighborhood is changing. In real life, the bar is alive and well, open since 1921 has been serving locals beers and liquor and feeding them with classic pub food ever since.

Ceres Cafe

In season 1, episode 6, Ceres Cafe serves as the setting for the story told by Carmy’s brother Mikey (Jon Bernthal), who tells the story of a wild night at the bar in the lobby of the Board of Trade building in a flashback scene. Ceres Cafe is known in the city for its ‘faceless art deco statue of the namesake goddess,’ and apparently, the free pours and strong cocktails they serve have built it reputation amongst locals and tourists alike.

Lobo Pizza

Of course, a show so heavily saturated in Chicago and food culture must feature some truly great pizza places. Lobo Pizza is the location where Sydney grabs a slice of pepperoni pizza while walking through Logan Square during her research montage in season 2, episode 3, in hopes of showing that Chicago isn’t just deep-dish.

Pequod’s Pizza

Pequod’s Pizza is showcased twice in the series, appearing in both seasons 1 and then 2, when Ritchie serves tourists a massacred yet “gourmet” version of the classic deep dish pizza at Ever. This restaurant has been in business since 1992, and the original location in Morton Grove dates back to 1970.


Ever, the famous three Micheline star restaurant was the restaurant that served the deep dish pizza from Pequod’s Pizza and guest starred Oscar Winner Olivia Colman. This restaurant is one of the most luxurious dining establishments in the world, where servers dote on customers with meticulous care. In episode 7 of season 2, to appease a group of tourists, the chef gives the classic pizza a makeover in order to make it more upscale and presentable for the elite guests dining. 


Logan Square’s Giant, which stands in as Verdana French Bistro, is featured in a scene in “Sundae” where Sydney visits the restaurant to get advice on opening a restaurant from experts in the industry, and it was filmed with the actual chefs working in the background.

Michael Jordan’s Steak House

The Chicago Bulls legend’s restaurant is a place to splurge and is known for its filet mignon, New York Strip, and lobster tails. Marcus mentions his love for the double-smoked maple-glazed bacon at Michael Jordan’s Steak House in season 1, and there is also a Bull’s story in season 2 with Chef Luca (Will Poulter).

Margie’s Candies

Another restaurant featured in episode 3 of season 2 “Sundae,” in honor of the delicious treat that Sydney enjoys at Margie’s Candies. This place has been family-owned and a local favorite since 1933, and it’s said that enjoying one of its banana splits on a hot summer day is a quintessential Chicago experience. 

Beck’s Chicago

We only see the front neon sign of Beck’s as Richie runs by on his way to Pequod’s in season 2, episode 7, but Beck’s is a sports bar known for its wings and beloved among Kansas City sports fans, and is known as a “venerable lakeview bar” in Chicago.

Alice’s Lounge

This dive bar is known for its late-night karaoke, and the culinary students in episode 5, season 2 hit it with gusto. Despite feeling a bit out of place with her younger classmates as she joins culinary school, Tina (Liza Colón-Zayas) fits right in when she joins them.


Operated and owned by husband and wife, chefs Genie Kwon and Timothy Flores, this Michelin-starred Filipino restaurant and bakery offers both baked goods and casual fare in the morning and transitions to a tasting menu at night. In the season 2, episode 3 montage, Sydney visits during her exploration and feasts on mushroom adobo, a longanisa sausage sandwich with hashbrowns, and a stunning mango tart. 

Lao Peng You

Another restaurant seen in the episode “Sundae” is West town favorite Lao Peng You, owned by brothers Daniel and Eric Wat, where Sydney finds hand-rolled dumplings served in broth. It also serves a variety of noodle soups, sandwiches and made-to-order lamb-cumin bread, and a seat there is so in demand that the small establishment often has a line out the door.

Ed Debevic’s

We find out that Carmy’s dad was inspired to open The Beef after a visit to Ed Debevic’s. This 1950s-style diner is known for the sassy staff and costumes that go with the theme of an old soda shop. 

After Lounge

In season 2, episode 4, “After Lounge,” which is located right next to Ever, was the location that served as the set for the Copenhagen restaurant where Marcus studies under pastry chef Luca (Will Poulter), and serves as an overflow cocktail bar for the restaurant's diners.


After being welcomed by executive chef David Posey and his wife, pastry chef Anna Posey, Sydney heads to Elske to experiment with pasta to get help composing a dish she’s had in her head all day during season 2, episode 3.


This show highlights the journey of chefs with aspirations of working in fine dining, and Avec is one of the restaurants from this list that exudes fine dining excellence. Chef Dylan Patel and Donnie Madia, the co-founder of One Off Hospitality, hosted The Bear’s writers several times as they researched the culinary industry for the show, and used real chef’s from the restaurant in the episode, where they can be seen going through a pre-service as they prepare the Mediterranean restaurant’s popular short rib hummus.

Kendall College

The culinary school offers a highly regarded culinary arts and hospitality management program, and while The Bear is under construction, Tina trains at Kendall College to take over as sous chef. The highly regarded culinary arts and hospitality management program helps its students hone their skills by creating a professional environment at Kendall College Dining Room, and they offer some of the most affordable tasting menus in Chicago.