Trader Joe's is heaven for any foodie on a college budget. Boasting products you can't get anywhere else at low prices too is a win for everybody. Loyal costumers swear by the selection of coffee TJ's offers. This month, Trader Joe's is expanding its products to feature coffee-infused flavors. Next time you hit up TJ's, be sure to pick up some of these coffee flavored foods to satisfy your caffeine cravings. 

Cold Brew Latte Dessert Bars

When you want something a little colder and sweeter than your typical ice coffee, this frozen coffee pop does the trick. Stay refreshed this summer with this coffee treat. 

Mocha Joe-Joe's

If you have never had any of the Joe Joe's cookies, I feel for you. These rival to Oreo cookies are naturally sweetened and they come in a huge variety of year-round and seasonal flavors. You can't go wrong with this snack, and now that they come in a mocha flavor, the Joe Joe's game has changed forever. 

Joe's Dark Coffee Squares

Just when you thought chocolate couldn't get any better, TJ's comes along with this product. These dark chocolate squares are infused with 100% Arabica coffee.

Next time you're in the library pulling an all-nighter, you can pull one of these chocolates out of your bag for a quick caffeine fix. 

Caramel Macchiato Greek Yogurt

Looking for more caramel macchiato flavor to go with your caramel macchiato coffee? Look no further than this yogurt. Get in your daily protein and probiotics while also getting your coffee fix.

Caramel Flavored Coffee Granola

Perfectly crunchy and flavored so well with both caramel and espresso. You can even see the flecks of coffee bean on each bite. Eat it by the handful or add some to the new caramel macchiato greek yogurt to start your day. 

Coffee Flour

Now you can bake your way to coffee flavor. This new flour is made by drying the pulp from the fruit that is left after removing coffee beans and milling it into a fine powder. Although it may not particularly taste like coffee, it does give food a roasted flavor when used in cooking. 

Coffee Glazed Almonds and Cashews

These nuts are glazed with a mixture of finely ground coffee beans, cane sugar, and sea salt. When you're feeling inevitably tired around that mid-afternoon slump, these nuts are a perfect energizing pick-me-up of healthy fats and caffeine. 

Chocolate Coffee Tart

Any dessert combining chocolate and coffee is a must. This pre-made, frozen tart is perfect for anyone who needs a quick dessert for an event or gathering. All you have to do is defrost and serve. 

Vietnamese Coffee Flavored Caramels

In Vietnam, a typical cup of coffee is iced and sweetened with condensed milk. These caramels are basically just traditional Vietnamese coffee, but bite-size. Get them while you can because these sweet caramels are only available for a limited time. 

Coffee Toffee Shortbread Cookies

These shortbread cookies are the perfect balance between chocolate, toffee, and coffee. Flavored with coffee from Indonesia and Ethiopia, these cookies will fulfill both your sweet tooth and your caffeine craving.

Sumatra Coffee Brownies

If you're a fan of the middle pieces of brownies instead of the crust, this brownie is for you. This fudge, coffee-infused brownie is incredibly moist (sorry, I hate that word as much as you do) and rich— every crust lover's worst nightmare. 

Coffee Cocoa Batons

Would you like some coffee with a side of coffee? These will do the trick. Take the original chocolate wafers from Trader Joe's and add coffee into the wafer and the chocolate, and boom, you've got these cookies. 

Coffee Mochi

Trader Joe's has already created their own spin on this traditional Japanese rice treat with their green tea, mango, strawberry, and chocolate flavors. But with the addition of this new dairy-free, coffee flavored mochi, vegans can now enjoy this sweet dessert too.

Kona Coffee Cookie Mocha Swirl Ice Cream

This coffee ice cream has bits of Trader Joe's original Kona Coffee Cookies swirled together with mocha fudge. This coffee dessert is the reason why we all scream for ice cream.

Vienna Coffee Meringues

Fluffy and airy meringues are made by whipping up egg whites.  These new coffee meringues are made to mimic traditional Viennese coffee which has whipped cream that sits atop an espresso shot. 

Trader Joe's has outdone itself yet again. These coffee flavored products are heaven for every caffeine lover. Next time you're craving coffee, head to TJ's and pick up some of these caffeinated treats.