As finals week quickly approaches, we prepare ourselves for early morning treks to the library and endless all-nighters. Fortunately for us college students, the abundance of coffee around campus can keep us pushing through finals week. However, if you’re just not that into coffee or want to spice up your studying, here is a list of caffeine-filled snacks and beverages to make finals week as pleasurable as possible.

1. Perky Jerky 


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Perky Jerky is the ultimate snack for those who will be on late-night study benders long after the Midtown food joints close. With no added preservatives or MSG and a low cal, low/no fat content, you can feel free to snack away without any added guilt. (We got you covered, we know you already feel guilty enough about your current procrastination).

2. Chocolate-Covered Espresso Beans


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For any of you non-coffee lovers, these guys can bring you pure caffeine bliss. Trader Joes, located conveniently close to campus, sells dark chocolate covered Arabica espresso beans that are first roasted, then covered in chocolate. They are super easy to pop in your mouth and you may forget how many you ate, so be careful not to overdo it.

3. Caffeinated Peanut Butter

If you are worried about bulking season and finals, this one is for you. This innovative peanut butter has both protein and caffeine in one snack. STEEM, the main brand, claims their PB contains an amount of caffeine equivalent to that of about two cups of coffee. You can spread this on a sandwich, scoop it up with celery, or simply dive in with a spoon. The PB is offered online or, if you’re feeling adventurous, at multiple shops in the northeast.

4. Black or Green Tea


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Say goodbye to your bed and hello to your textbooks. With minimal sleep during finals week, green and black tea are some of your only hopes of staying healthy, plus they have a solid caffeine content. According to, one cup of green tea contains 9 to 15 mg of caffeine and one cup of black tea contains 42 to 72 mg, depending on how long the tea bag is soaked. Whether you drink it unsweetened, sweetened, or with honey, embrace your inner Brit and have tea time during your studies.

5. Awake Caffeinated Chocolate


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Caffeine + chocolate bars = genius. Awake chocolate comes in both bars and bite sized pieces, and milk chocolate and caramel filled. Not to mention, indulging on a bar gives you the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee. Check out the campus bookstore or POD market and treat yourself to a chocolatey snack.

If you’re not all that into caffeine, fruits and other healthy snacks can keep you energized as well (contrary to certain rumors apples do not, in fact, contain any caffeine). So venture beyond the typical cup of coffee and spice up your study life. Just remember, jitters aren’t ideal, so make sure to enjoy your caffeine in moderation.

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