You cannot walk through the dairy aisle of your grocery store nowadays without being bombarded by shelves stocked full of various brands, fat contents and flavors of Greek Yogurt. Its popularity has skyrocketed in recent years. So, what is so great about this pungent alternative? What makes it different from regular yogurt?

Greek Yogurt

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What is Greek Yogurt?
Greek yogurt is a strained yogurt that causes its texture to become creamier and richer than normal yogurt. The straining of the yogurt is also nutritionally beneficial giving it higher protein content, and it contains less lactose than normal yogurt, which decreases the carbohydrate content. Greek yogurt’s texture makes it tremendously versatile in cooking, in addition to its flavor, which has the traditional taste and tang of yogurt. It provides a healthy substitute for many recipes ranging from breakfast, dips and even desserts. Adding Greek yogurt into your diet provides probiotics that improve your digestive system as well as additional protein that helps with weight management.

In college it is extremely difficult to find healthy and satisfying snacks. Greek yogurt is the perfect option for breakfast, an in-between meal snack, or even a midnight treat. The high protein content of it causes you to be full for longer, making it the perfect go-to item in your fridge. It is extremely easy to incorporate into any recipe, so forget the cream and replace it with yogurt; no one will ever know the difference!

Greek Yogurt

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Eat a healthy midnight snack by swapping ice cream for Greek yogurt: Skinny Milkshakes

Greek Yogurt is an easy swap for mayonnaise-it adds all the creaminess without all of the fat: Chicken Salad

You can even kick your desserts up a notch on the healthy scale: Blueberry Cookies

Greek yogurt can also transition entrees with recipes such as Turkey pot pies, sesame noodles, Tandoori Salmon, and even soup

Greek Yogurt

Greek Yogurt Pancakes Photo by Marci Green

More Recipes:

These are additional recipes that use Greek yogurt in interesting ways you probably didn’t even know that you could do!

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