College is the definition of running from class to class, meetings to work, or otherwise staying consistently busy. As a student, I don’t always have time to eat, so sometimes I resort to eating in the shower (sorry Mom and Dad).

For those who are in a hurry like myself and wonder what you can eat in the shower, try one of these 10 shower foods that don't require a lot of hassle. 

1. Smoothies & Iced Coffee

raspberry, ice, cream, strawberry
Tarra Rotstein

Smoothies in the shower might seem odd, however they are the perfect shower food. Just make sure there is a lid and a straw, because without one your cool drink becomes hot water.

2. Icee Pops

cream, juice, sweet, ice
Photo courtesy of Lick Our Pops via Facebook.

The summer treats that were essential to our 12-year-old selves are great to eat in the shower. First, they are nice and cold, which can make for a unique body sensation while taking a hot shower.

Additionally, they are often aquick to eat, meaning you can finish the sweet treat during the time it takes you to shower, not to mention they are quite mobile, so you can mutlitask.

3. Apples

apple, juice, pasture, sweet
Shaq Junaid

Apples are perfect for those who love to take morning showers and apples allegedly help wake you up. It has even been said that apples are better at waking you up than a cup of coffee.

While this shower food may always occupy a hand, its composition won't change and will continue to taste fresh. Just don’t forget to rinse your apple before you eat it.

4. Gummies

pepper, tomato, vegetable
Kevin Rodriguez

You were probably the coolest person on the playground in fourth grade if you had fruit snacks, let alone ate them in the shower. Lo and behold, fruit snacks are perfect for the shower (and your adult life in general).

First, these snacks will not deteriorate if they get water on them, so basically they are waterproof. Second, they are not held at a specific temperature, which means it will be the same as eating them dry.

5. Trail Mix

grass, herb, tea
Isabella Neuberg

Trail mix in a large bag does not work as a shower food, but the trail mix that comes in a single serving pouch works perfect. Also, because the plastic pouch is water resistant, you don't have to worry about soggy nuts. Just tear open a small corner of the package and pour the goodness into your mouth while you shampoo your curls. 

6. Popsicles

dairy product, milk, cream, sweet
Hui Lin

Popsicles: the messy goodness that melts before you can finish eating it and ends up on your white shirt during the summer time. They happen to be a great shower food. The best part about eating a popsicle in the shower is when you get to the end where you try to balance half of it on the stick. But if it lands on you, it won’t stain your clothes, and if it lands on the ground, it will just get washed down the drain.

7. Campbell’s Soups on the Go

beer, condiment
Tarra Rotstein

It’s winter and a shower popsicle sounds too cold, so instead try a shower Campbell’s Soup on the Go. The key to doing a Campbell’s Soup on the Go in the shower correctly is making sure the soup is not too hot; you would not want to accidentally pour it on yourself and burn your body. Just be sure to peel off the paper instructions before getting in the shower, because it will get all sorts of weird if you keep it on. 

8. Go Gurts & To-Go Apple Sauce Packets

Do I even have to explain why these tasty snacks made it on the list? The packaging for these yogurt and fruit treats makes them totally water resistant. Not to mention most of the to-go apple sauces have a top you can reattach, which makes it easy to set your snack down and really get to scrubbing.

9. Oranges

juice, citrus, pasture, tangerine, vegetable, kumquat
Madison Mounty

Have you heard about this whole new craze of eating oranges in the shower? The benefits of eating this once messy citrus in the shower include the mess being gone after you finish and the lovely citrus smell. There is a whole group of shower-orange-eaters out there. Who knows, you could be the person starting a school club around this citrus-eating experience.

10. Beer

wine, alcohol, liquor, beer
Melissa Miller

Beer: the ultimate shower drink. There is now a company that makes a beer specifically sized for the shower. The advancement in shower beer goes to show how popular the idea of drinking a beer in the shower really is, not to mention there is a shower koozie. I would say this is for the nighttime shower people. You know, the ones who get off work and have to get ready for the night, but don’t have enough time to pregame.

These 10 foods are sure to get you through your shower without hunger. This idea of eating in the shower may seem ridiculous, but when you’re pressed on time or just looking for another way to relax, eating in the shower might be a good idea.