You thought you have heard it all, but my friends, you are wrong. The list of ingredients to create the perfect shower has just taken a new twist, and everyone is talking about it.

Shower time's newest addition is... an orange. Yes, people are actually eating oranges in the shower.

But Why?

Recently, oranges have made their way onto the shelves of thousands of people's showers thanks to Reddit user photon_bandit's response to "what's something unconventional everyone should try out?"

He shared that eating an orange in the shower is the "most liberating, carnal, and best feel-good thing you can ever experience."

Since then, a new movement has been born. Over 8,000 Reddit users have participated in this trend through the subreddit ShowerOrange. Scrolling through this page, your eyes will meet photos of bare feet on shower floors with orange peels scattered alongside them. 

What Does It Feel Like?

Apparently, the sensation of digging into a cold orange in the hot and steamy environment is both rejuvenating and thrilling. Any fear of creating a sticky mess is eliminated as your teeth sink into the slices, and the water washes away the juices that pour all over your body. 

Next time you are in need of a therapeutic cleanse, instead of turning to yoga or taking a hike, take an orange into the shower to experience a new type of rejuvenation. Treat yo self to some yummy citrus, but be prepared for a sensational overload.