Spring Break: a week of beaches, bikinis, and booze — or winter, warm clothes, and waffles. Yeah, that’s right, I said waffles. This new food craze is popping up on top of snowy mountains everywhere, and skiers are loving it more than basics love avocado toast and cupcakes. So if you’re planning on hitting the slopes this spring break, leave your mittens at home, and replace them with a hot waffle from “The Waffle Cabin.” 

The Waffle Cabin

It wasn’t long ago, when the first Waffle Cabin opened on Okemo Mountain in Vermont, and since then it's become a ski food phenomenon.

The owners of the Waffle Cabin brought their authentic Belgian waffle recipe all the way from Belgium — this is not your average Eggo toaster waffle. 

The Liége Waffle 

The Liege Waffle is not only piping hot and totally addicting – it is so special because of the imported Belgian sugar in the dough. When cooked in the waffle iron the sugar caramelizes and makes the waffle super crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

Obviously, you could probably eat twelve of these plain waffles in one sitting, but you can also amp it up with a ton of toppings. The Waffle Cabin offers everything from Oreo and chocolate drizzle, to a simple dusting of powdered sugar. 

These Waffles Are Blowing Up

The Waffle Cabin has created a #wafflenation among ski resorts all over the country. They were featured on Travel’s Channels hit show “Extreme Foods,” where every skier had a hot waffle in their mitten — and literally compared them to crack.

Where Can I Get One?

They have grown over the years from one little cabin in Vermont, to over thirty locations all across the U.S. So wherever you decide to hit the slopes, there will most likely be a hot waffle waiting for you at the bottom of the mountain. 

Where exactly do you find the Waffle Cabin? — Just follow the smell.