I turned 21 recently, so naturally, I've been ordering drinks every chance I get. I was excited for my birthday for awhile, not because I wanted to get shitfaced, as most people already experience that, but because I would finally be able to buy alcohol, to stock my fridge with beer, and order drinks with my dinner like an adult. Now that I can legally purchase alcohol, I have been able to have fun experimenting with trying new drinks.

I compiled a list of some drinks in Tallahassee that I particularly enjoyed or find noteworthy. I'm also a beer person, so many of the drinks I included reflect on that. For the purpose of this article, some of the drinks pictured have been recreated based off of their original recipes.

1. The Margarona from Cancun's Sports Bar and Grill

juice, lemonade, lime, lemon, ice, citrus, cocktail, tea
Ryan Aguiar
I've seen variation of this drink at different places. Basically, it's a margarita with a beer tipped over inside. Cancun's uses Carona beer, and you are able to pick your flavor margarita. I stuck with a classic lime, frozen. I'm a fan of beer and I'm a fan of margaritas, so they'd have to be good together right? This drink is a lot of fun. I think this is a really good way to pregame too. It's definitely better than taking shots, and the margaritas there are two for one all the time.                                                                                                      

2. Garnet and Gold Martini from Prime Time

wine, ice, liquor
Ryan Aguiar
When you're in Nole Nation you have to get this drink for the sake of FSU spirit. This martini is super sugary and fruity. You can't taste any alcohol either, which always makes drinking easier.                                                                                                     

3. The Lunchbox from Potbelly's

juice, cider, sweet, tea, apple
Ryan Aguiar

This drink is pretty common, but I've had it when I've been out at Pots. It costs ten dollars and comes in a small pitcher. The Lunchbox contains beer, juice, and liquor. It's small, so it's best shared between two people and not many more. This basically tastes just like juice, which is awesome. I'm forever grateful to the random girl we met who insisted we try her Luchbox drink. 

4. The High Tea from Madison Social                          

lemon, sweet, ice, juice
Ryan Aguiar

 Madison Social has an array of cocktails, and I was particularly drawn to their beer cocktails. The High Tea contains sweet tea flavored vodka, lemonade, sierra mist, and beer. This is light and sweet, but it is not super sugary and overwhelming. It is the perfect refreshing drink due to the tea and lemonade flavors.                                                                                                     

5. Mango Wit from Proof Brewing Company

juice, sweet, tea, apple
Ryan Aguiar
Many places around Tallahassee offer beer that is made by this company, but they have their own location as well. Mango beer is one of those drinks that automatically sounded interesting and appealing to me, especially because I'm always curious about trying different flavors when it comes to beer. This is especially worth trying because the brand is brewed in Tallahassee.